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  1. Thursday Evening - Network Issues

    Well the KCC wifi last night got us 17meg+ before that was throttled like the lan connection. The Conference Centre obviously has the capacity for a faster connection than the current LAN network allows so...? Just to clarify though, other than the network issues this has been an absoloutely fantastic event. Almost, flawless.
  2. What is up with the net speed?

    Any info on the issue?
  3. I posted this 5 minutes ago and the post is still loading.. whats going on?
  4. Londons well out of you way too you melon, we're going Newbury (nostalgia) and north from there. One of ours (bates) is from Southampton and might want a lift though.
  5. Is it MERE!?

    Its cool theres a KFC nearby
  6. Is it MERE!?

    Do they serve food as well or nah, this weird little bar at the nec did but most don't so..?
  7. i'd rather chicken mate or anything fowl or poultry as its all pretty much tastes the same but yeah something like a kentucky fried vinny i guess?
  8. uh where is the vindaloo on curry night