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  1. epic.26 - Lakeside defrag

    We also have people scattered about in Lakeside so really could use a defrag
  2. epic25 - Event Defrag

    @MRated Thank you! If Themidor needs to move then just move that row down so Paul is on the end. Thanks again :).
  3. epic25 - Event Defrag

    Hi! Lunus is part of Lemonade, have asked him to tag up. Thermidor isn't. I've also asked Vinny to assign his other ticket out. Are you able to arrange Lemonade like the following please? K J Thanks!
  4. epic22 - Event Defrag

    Hi! No problem with the seating defrag (Lakeside) but is it possible to re-arrange our seats to this: LK-H Desert-Prince H1 Envy H2 Narstyle H3 RassenChidori H4 SarahNightmare LK-G Pauk G1 OptimusPeck G2 Clobberella G3 DormantLemon G4 MusicTechnician Thanks!
  5. epic22 Tickets

    Hi! Just wondering when epic.22 tickets will be available. I know this will be after epic.21 but wanted to know if there was a specific date? Thanks!
  6. epic.NINETEEN - Seating Defrag Alert for Fair Isle

    Hi Gumpster. Any chance you could re-arrange where we are sat like the attached picture? Cheers :).
  7. epic.NINETEEN - Seating Defrag Alert for Fair Isle

    Laid out how we want to be, but if it helps you then I guess we don't mind being face to face :).
  8. epic.NINETEEN - Seating Defrag Alert for Fair Isle

    Hi Gumpster. We are a large(ish) group sat in FI when we kinda wanted to be in Lakeside but their wasn't any room. It's our first epic.LAN so we aren't really fussed where we are sat as long as we are together! We all have the Clan tag Lemonade and there are 8 of us, sat back to back. Happy to discuss
  9. Indoor Camping

    Hi. Thanks for this! Yes, sorry, I didn't mean camping :).
  10. Indoor Camping

    Hi. Me again! It says that indoor camping has limited spacing. How limited is it? Is it like a first come first serve kind of thing? Thanks!
  11. Lakeside vs Fair Isle

    Thanks for the replies! Being near the bar is a definite advantage! The Gallery sounds good as well. Really excited about coming :).
  12. Lakeside vs Fair Isle

    Hi. First time coming to epic.LAN and was just looking at the seating plan. Looks like the casual 'loud' gaming hall Lakeside is pretty much filled up so we have to sit in Fair Isle. There is about 10 of us hopefully coming so just wondered what the atmosphere is like in Fair Isle. We have a mix of casual/competitive gamers but we are really just coming for a good laugh! Thanks :D.
  13. Early Bird Discount

    Thank you very much. Helps a lot :D.
  14. Early Bird Discount

    Hi all. It states that the early bird discount price runs until the 31st July. Does this mean I'm ok to buy a ticket at the discounted rate on that day? Just easier to purchase then as it's pay day :D. Thanks!