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  1. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Yup, compared to the last lan I went to in February the food was well below that standard. Breakfast wasn't too bad, the sausages and eggs were generally nice enough. Couldn't get along with the bacon though, tasted rubbery and overcooked, could barely chew through it. The chips were definitely hit and miss, first lot I had were completely inedible, and the same with the burgers. They were either okayish or so dry you'd have to drink a litre of water to get it all down your neck. I think the problem here is holding food longer than should have been, whilst I wouldn't say the food was expensive, you should at least get fresh food for what you pay for. So my advice to the catering would be to know when to throw food out when it's not fit for eating anymore.. Didn't try any of the dinner menu as we went out, so can't comment on that.
  2. FAO SC2 players for epic.20

    I'll be taking part. TQA - FireHawk in-game