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  1. DDR pads

    That's amazing. Cheers all!

    Fucking Amaze 1. Arena was magnificent 2. Lanmaster and retro night. The stage content was original and refreshing and made me want to go to the stage. It reminded me of the original days of iSeries when shedboy did all the random shows on stage like the sock puppet. Good 1. Reech 2. KCC catering, regardless of criticism, was alright. Breakfast was fine and chilli is chilli. The staff were a cheerful lot and always provided good service. Lovely bunch. 3. Reech 4. Good vibes all round 5. More new people joining us for Werewolves. Cheers for advertising on the timetable/screens. We had 18 people playing on Saturday night which is one of the biggest games I've ever seen at Epic. Bad 1. The two TV's in Lakeside were next to one another and one of the TV's could've been put next to the helpdesk. 2. The Lakeside helpdesk team were a little disconnected from the LAN folk. Maybe it's because I wasn't familiar with most of them. 3. Posting YouTube videos on the projector screen on Sunday in Lakeside. 4. Pub quiz rounds were tedious especially after a couple of drinks. Some of the teams just didn't care anymore half way in. 6. Stage speakers. The further away you were from the stage the harder it was to hear. The production team had to constantly adjust the volume of game audio and voices. 7. Pub quiz questions didn't appear on the screen when they were read out. This would've been helpful as we struggled to hear Winbar from further back Ugly 1. Waluigi WAH not making a big appearance at this event 2. Not seeing Reech enough </3 Overall a great event as always and a big thank you to Winbar and the team for making it happen. Cheers!
  3. DDR pads

    Hey Epic team. Could you point me in the direction of where you got those DDR pads? Also @reech this is Ashens! (Full movie can be watched for free on his channel)
  4. Werewolves - tonight @ midnight!

    I have a hidden power, so please don't kill me
  5. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Good The Epic.LAN staff and volunteers are always happy, cheerful people. Lovely to see them at each event and to be made to feel welcome. VR was very enjoyable and I got to try Beat Saber for the first time. The new breakfast sausages. Whoever got this sorted a big well done as they are 100x better than the previous sausages. Blossy's tournament was great and well received by all who competed. Great job dude! Bad Some evenings after midnight there were no volunteers/staff present on the Lakeside helpdesk. The hash browns were gradually degrading in quality each day. The toilet in the left cubicle in the downstairs toilet wasn't flushing properly. The size of the battered sausage on Friday night was very small when compared to one you'd buy in a chippy. The mario kart tournament went on for way too long to the point of the tournament hosts even expressing loss of interest. Next time don't do GP in the first round and get people to instead compete in one or two races. Keep GP for the finals maybe? There was a DJ set being played on Thursday and Friday evening which some of us didn't want because it also increased the music volume. The DJ cable running across the floor was a big hazard and didn't get fully taped over. There was a TV in Lakeside next to the helpdesk that was never used and at previous events it was position where the VR was over the weekend otherwise against the wall next to Row A. If possible can we get those 2 TVs to be usable again at the next event. Ugly The Mario Kart tournament hosts did not state the rules including winning conditions of the tournament, nor did the presenter announce the winners at the end of each match or round. My friend competed in the tournament and since he came 2nd in the GP assumed he was through to the next round, but the winning condition was different for some reason and as a result he didn't advance to the next round. I signed up for the Tekken tournament and my name wasn't on the list. When I first tried signing up it signed up a random person (this got resolved by Jess). Not sure if this affected others who were trying to sign up for a tournament.
  6. Friday morning run at LAN

    Hi all Recently I've started the Couch to 5k fitness programme and I'd to complete the final run of Week 8 (27 minutes running non-stop) on the Friday morning of Epic.LAN. Would anyone be interested in joining me? Also does anyone have recommendations on a 3k route nearby? Google maps shows 2 big fields near the venue.
  7. LAN in less than 2 weeks! :-D:-D

    1. Elsie


      A LAN? What is this madness?!

  8. SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVAL Saturday Night Event

  9. epic23 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    I found a dodgy/stale mushroom on my plate this morning
  10. epic23 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    The sausages had a soft, undercooked texture to them but after speaking to others it's because of the way the sausages are cooked. All items on the breakfast menu otherwise were spot on.
  11. Epic 22- the good the bad and the CS:GO screambuoys

    Great LAN and a always pleasure to be on the team running fun tournaments. The Good Seeing friends. That's always a good thing (unless it's @DeeEmmSee) Breakfast sausages were cooked better this time Bodying @ChronoWolf at SF2, though no one needs to mention the SFIV that happened. @reech did an amazing job as Community Manager before and during the event. Keep up the good work! Overwatch 1v1 players turned up on Saturday morning for the Elimination Stage (unlucky @Dux0r) The Bad Rhubarb cider tasted different than it did at previously LAN's. It was lacking the vanilla taste imo Some people did not get bacon in their Epic burger Losing at Mario Party and having to wear a penis hat The Gumpster Racial slurs coming out from CSGO players. The shouting otherwise is fine (haters gonna hate) The transcript of the CSGO chants going onto Discord. Was that necessary? Some guy dressed as Rick from Rick and Morty came downstairs on Friday night and acted like a complete asshole towarsds @Blossy
  12. Epic.21 Fun Tournaments

    Hey everyone. The original post has been updated and the tournament pages have also been updated. Everything should be a lot cleaner cu@lan!
  13. How do I look competition!

  14. Epic.21 Fun Tournaments

    Sign up for a fun tournament now! https://tournaments.epiclan.co.uk/ Join the Epic.LAN Discord Server (like Skype/IRC) Click this link to join the Discord server - https://discord.gg/QZMkMJs Friday 13:00 Rocket League 3v3 - Sponsored by Astro Gaming Friday 16:00 Porcunipine 1v1v1v1 - Sponsored by Noctua Friday 17:00 Overwatch 1v1 - Sponsored by be quiet! Saturday 13:00 League of Legends 2v2 Saturday 20:00 Street Fighter 2 (SNES)
  15. Big Game Suggestions

    More fun, free pewpew http://www.cs2d.com/