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  1. Seating Plan

    Defrag has been happening for a few events now with minimal issues, of course there will be the odd few people who will see a draft and ask for their new place to be amended as best as possible which is fine providing we're contacted in advance during the draft period where it's far easier to make changes rather than after the final draft which the vast majority of people have agreed to. The defrag is designed to group clans, groups and teams together, so the larger of those 3 will take priority since they won't want to be split up (which would be the case had it not been designed to accommodate that factor). With that in mind the defrag does take into account smaller groups, Gumpster and co try their very best to keep everyone in their original or as close to their original seat as possible but in some cases that simply isn't possible so people may be moved into another hall, if that happens said moved people will more than likely remain grouped together.