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  1. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Thanks for weighing in Winbar. That's good to hear. Unfortunately, I'm not confident that it was the result of a busy queue. There was a really good rapport between the epic staff and the barman and each time it happened they went to the very far left of the bar. I wouldn't normally give a shit because as you say these things can happen, but both times I was waiting an extra 10 or so mins because of really large orders and chatting, with the bar staff being visibly conscious/feeling awkward about how long they were taking.
  2. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Haha, yeah you make a good point mate. The menu was pretty hard to read. Quite small and written in...olive green?! What's up with good old black. Good for the colour blind, good for everyone. I didn't comment too much on the food quality in my above comment but you're right. Sub-par at best.
  3. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    I echo your comments on the poor quality of the food and bar. I wasn't given the items stated on the veg breakfast menu and one of my teammates wasn't offered tea/coffee when he bought breakfast. Neither of us realise we were shortchanged at the time (didn't read the menu properly, that's our mistake) however I expect staff to be honest and to give people what is listed on the menu. Also, the mushrooms really were terrible. How do you fuck up mushrooms so bad. They taste of nothing. Maybe it was made by the same person who cooked the chips I was also charged different prices at the bar. I was given incorrect food at the bar (the chap behind the bar did sort it out when I mentioned it, to his credit). I think that epic staff (volunteers?) are allowed to skip the bar queues because a few of them kept going to the far left side of it and being served before people who had been waiting for ages. I get this is a perk of being a volunteer, I have no issue with that. However if there's only one poor person working behind the bar and the volunteers insist on having a talk and ordering loads of drinks then it does become an issue.
  4. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Positives: - Staff are nice and have been helpful every time I've spoken to them - Breakfast food is nice (aside from the mushrooms) Negatives: - Didn't realise the vegetarian breakfast was meant to come with extra eggs. Mine never came with extra eggs and was pretty small for what I paid compared to the standard breakfast. - One of our party members didn't realise the breakfast came with tea/coffee and was never asked if he wanted tea/coffee whenever he bought a breakfast. I appreciate you could say for both these points that we should have been aware of what we were buying but at the same time I expect the staff to know what menu item come with what. Definitely lost money because the staff didn't know the menu, and I guess because they don't provide receipts we can't sort it out. - Charged different prices for the same drink at the bar - Bar understaffed at peak times and epic staff (volunteers?) were able to skip the queue. I appreciate this is a perk of being staff but when they're having long chats with the bar staff simultaneously it's taking the piss. Even the bar staff commented that they were taking long and people were waiting, probably annoyed because they were the only member of staff behind the bar. Other: - Unless I am mistaken (please let me know if I am) there were zero recycling bins on site. It would make sense to have them there considering all the cans and cardboard boxes people are left with when buying snacks at the epic shop. It was the first thing I looked for when finishing my drink, and other members of our party looked too. Overall underwhelming. I've been to Epic before and haven't had the above issues before.
  5. All New Menu for epic.NINETEEN & Catering Feedback

    Feedback on what I've bought so far: - Chicken Chow mien - wasn't to my personal tastes, but that's not a judgement on the quality and quantity, it just wasn't to my personal liking. Compared to the food at other lans and the prices I can't complain! Friends enjoyed it - Breakfast - was awesome thank you. - Korma - also awesome. I had mine with chips instead of rice. Good price! - Tea - ordered a tea and it was £1 for a tiny cup, I blame brexit I wasn't told the price until after the tea was made so couldn't cancel it. Apart from that all good, thanks a lot for this. Best LAN food I've experienced and I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that,