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  1. AOE2

    Is anybody keen for a game of AOE2 at Epic22? I've recently got back into it.
  2. Overwatch 6V6 Team

    Hi Is anybody looking to join an Overwatch team or needing anybody to join their team? There are currently two of us and I've created a team but there is only one mercenary on the list currently and the messaging system isn't working to contact them anyway. I noticed that most of the teams don't have the 6 required people so what will happen on the day? Will we just be merged into teams of 6? Thanks Termin8or3000Xtreme
  3. epic22 - Event Defrag

    Ah right, I see us now. I was searching for our nicknames. Cheers
  4. epic22 - Event Defrag

    Hi We were previously in FI-D17 and FI-D18 (Droxx and Termin8or3000Xtreme) but I don't see us anywhere in the defrag draft. Not really bothered where we sit as long as we're sat together and not more than 10 minutes from the nearest bar! Could we maybe go in Lakeside? Thanks Scott AKA Termin8or3000Xtreme
  5. Bar prices

    Thanks, I noticed that you've got 1337 posts on this forum, that's pretty 1337.
  6. Bar prices

    This is my first Epic LAN and I was just wanting to get an idea of the bar prices so that I know how much to budget and take with me. I'm guessing around £3 a pint?