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  1. Guess the Final Total

  2. Image00052.jpg

    Fix it haden haha
  3. Image00051.jpg

    Dj Duty throwing down the sick tracks
  4. Image00081.jpg

    Good times
  5. Good, Bad & Ugly

    @Davemarrhe tried his best bless him maybe he needs more practice. He will be back with a vengeance next time.
  6. Just applied for Stream team :) #FunTimes

  7. Epic20 is in the bag and it was amazing.

  8. Good, Bad & Ugly

    Overall i'm going to keep this short and sweet just to save time. It was my first time at Epic this weekend and couldn't have had gone any better than amazing. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and just purely awesome. I feel i made so many new friends and honestly an introduction into a great community. Can't wait for Epic 21 later in the year and another great weekend. Once again i want to say a special thank you to the EpicLan Team and everyone else i met for the first time. Peace x