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  1. CSS lan team forming for epic 7

    Hi rab I would be interested in having a go, I will be sitting in the fun room also so that is no problem for me. I have not played CSS for a while but used to do OK. I sign off a ship this coming weekend and will be back in the UK on Monday so I can get in some practice and get some skills back, as a ship only has satalite which is as bad as dial up Know anyone who would like to team up for the COD4 tourney also?
  2. Countdown

    72 The 72 names Every one of us has the power to change his destiny. One of the ways that can help is to study the table of 72 names. What are the 72 names They are the 72 names from the Kabbalah that serve as very powerful spiritual tools for healing, protection, marriage, abundance, positive change and overcoming life's difficulties. Mystical channels that were intended to rule the soul's consciousness over materialism and enable the development of personal awareness in order to include consciousness of the Creator's influence over a wide-ranging series of life's facets. The 72 names are actually 72 groups of three letters each, to which the Kabbalah ascribes segulot for the solution of all sorts of problems. These groups represent the connection between the spiritual and material worlds. Seventy-two names of the Creator are not simply "names". They are groupings that provide us with the machinery to connect to the endless spiritual flow that accompanies our reality. The Creator gave this prepared technology to Moses so that he could share it with everyone, so that all of mankind would be able to release the G-dly strengths inside them and achieve control over the material world. We are told that Moses parted the Red Sea in two – meaning that he used the strength of the 72 names in order to turn it into reality. The people were asked to participate – they were required to believe in perfect faith and without any kind of hesitation in his ability to part the sea. When Nachshon jumped into the water without hesitation, the waters parted and the Children of Israel passed through it like a sword. Meaning: We have the power within ourselves to activate the 72 names so that the influence our lives: The various groupings help us eradicate various maladies – physical and mental, be they sicknesses or health problems or infertility, and those mental disturbances such as pressure, depression, anger and so forth. Each of the groupings connects us to a source of strength using which we obtain the ability to control every sphere of our lives and change them for the better, changing difficulty to challenge, and getting the best we can out of our existence.