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  1. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Thanks mate, we'd appreciate anything you can do. As we had an entire row I don't think any of us thought that there would be any chance of us being moved so we didn't check it. MRated asked Barney last Sunday in discord if we wanted to move and he said we'd like to stay where we are. We thought that we had communicated that we wanted to stay in those seats hence why we were a little upset to see that we have been moved anyway. I appreciate it must be a logistical nightmare to ensure everyone is happy though. Our big concern with H is the possibility of beer or people falling on rigs or players and the possibility of much increased noise! Will people be ushered away from that area?
  2. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Hi, We're really really unhappy with this draft in that you've moved us (Badacid) to row H of the main hall to be honest. We picked row G ages ago as we didn't want to be right on the bar but thats were we've ended up. If you're going to make an area starcraft why not do it at the start? We've had those seats booked for ages then we just get dumped at the end. We'd be a lot happier with A or anywhere a bit further from the bar... Seems a bit pointless having a seat picker if this is whats going to happen. If this down to other (larger) clans booking late then shoving smaller clans out the way then it seems really unfair.
  3. Guide to your epic.LAN event

    If the aircon is anything like it was at 21 in Lakeside, definitely bring warm clothing! We were shivering in the middle of summer. Our guys were sitting in sleeping bags! Definitely better than being too hot though so this isn't a complaint but be prepared for this as a possibility!
  4. Good: Seeing friends Drinking beer Playing games All that shiz... Bad: The journey Ugly: DOOR!