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  1. Have filled the survey. Thanks for a great event, very enjoyable although I did have to leave early!
  2. Catering Feedback/Comments/Suggestions

    Had a couple of burgers and chilli con carne from the van. All of it was brilliant, and fairly priced considering the event.

  4. epic.EIGHT - Prepare to LAN

    Oh how I don't miss the days having to download no-CD cracks for all my old games.
  5. Expect some of badacid to participate, we'll more than likely be somewhat tipsy by which point anyway!
  6. epic.EIGHT Shop

    Cheers fellas.
  7. epic.EIGHT Shop

    Very reasonably priced. Are we allowed to bring our own energy drinks before hand? Probably a silly question, but better safe than sorry!
  8. The final number?

    Balls. so close.
  9. The final number?

    epic.SPARTA, haha, brilliant!!
  10. epic.EIGHT Catering

    Seconded! Just don't tell my wife! It'll be the additional pies/burgers/chip buttys and that sweet sweet hog roast that she may have a problem with ! Just over a week away! wooP!
  11. epic.EIGHT Catering

    For every morning I am there, a £5 breakfast shall be getting eaten with fury!
  12. The final number?

    got a strong feeling this will sell out!
  13. Not long til LAN

    As previously mentioned, looking forward to no having to get up for work not only on the Thursday, but the Friday too! Wooo! Haven't played any PC games since september, I'm going to be completely gobshite but it's all in good spirit
  14. "Cards" @ epic.8

    Assuming it'll be the Friday night, count me in!
  15. Worth bringing a console?

    Thanks all for the swift responses! I'll more than likely bring my monitor along side console + laptop. Ofcourse I'll disconnect/switch off anything in between using the two. Am looking forward to epic.8, if anyone wants a few MW3 games during LAN add my gamertag 'tmmyV' in advance, and we can blow a few frags before the event