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  1. epic.FIFTEEN - Technical Feedback

    IMO it was good all round, no complaints here.
  2. Steam Purchases

    Ok, tenth time lucky, it worked. Close or delete thread pls
  3. Steam Purchases

    Tried both and no luck An unexpected error has occurred. Your purchase has not been completed. Please contact Steam Support.
  4. Steam Purchases

    Are Steam Purchases blocked at lan?
  5. epic.FIFTEEN - Bar and Catering Feedback

    Coffee overpriced @ 1.50 and mine was lukewarm. Food is ok though. Will eat again. Does epic coffee come with epic milk?
  6. Arrival at Epic 15

    Ive printed my Ticket, it shows BYOC PC but doesnt mention Camping, how do i prove camping is Paid?
  7. Arrival at Epic 15

    Got a pretty long drive to this, what time can i arrive and pitch my tent, i like it sorted and out of the way so i can relax before the checkin ?
  8. Old guy

    I will be wearing a cap!!
  9. Old guy

    Thanks guys, ive picked a seat opposite Dukey, happy to move if you have mates to seat. BTW, i paid but no sign of a ticket. Just proof im a nerd and a drivin licence enuff? Pretty sure the name Cyberdrak was around at i-16? Cu there all.
  10. Old guy

    Hi all, im coming to epic 15, not been in ages and dont know many if any of you, are there any over 30s (im 49) i can sit with, im not doin tourneys etc, just cumin coz im a lan whore
  11. Fantastic event!

    Just a point on the big screen/lights, from my position the screen was obscured by the lights, might be worth looking at that. If leeching is a cause of lag, ask people to only do it over night perhaps, not that we leech at all.
  12. epic.HUNT - Feedback Thread

    Me too
  13. epic.TWO Video Competition Entries

    Rab and Mathab for me although both very good.
  14. Kustom @ epic.TWO!

    Ill be gettin a Razor Lychesis at i37.
  15. Fantastic event!

    Good Lan, enjoyed the weekend. Good Stuff Atmosphere Set Up Venue (now gone .) Console corner. Bad Stuff Hunt, too hard for people working alone, (the guys around my area didnt want another team member) Still dont know what Pens Down is. Lack of big games, Cod 4/5, Battlefield series. A big TDM UT2K4 wudda been cool. L4Dead is ace but its 4 or 8 people. On th ewhole tho, a good Lan. Spose im gettin too old for it tbfh. See ya at i37.