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  1. Hi rdrz, If you are looking to come to our event in Feburary you would need to join the waiting list by raising a ticket at https://epiclan.co.uk/support as tickets are non transferable. Hope to see you at a future event
  2. Its coming! Watch this space!
  3. Hi @Dukey, Winbar met with some senior figures from Compass group who own KCC. Last event was very poor and they accept that, apparently kitchen staff we agency workers rather than employees and they admit standards were low. We have been told for epic23 that the old catering manager is back in charge and the draft menu we have received looks very good (think back a few events to the good food we had). They have also confirmed they have a permanent chef in who joined them before Christmas and has apparently had a lot of good feedback so far. As soon as the menus are agreed and signed off they will be posted up for you so watch this space!
  4. Happy Birthday Jon
  5. TA19 are happy
  6. -There are staff on all entrances/exits 24hours a day checking wristbands and security throughout the event who patrol the inside and outside of the event and preform random bag searches. -The campsite is marked out with builders plastic fence but not "fenced off", I would recommend using common sense and not leaving anything valuable in your tent. -Early check in opens at 2PM on the Thursday allowing people to get their wristbands early so at 4PM when the event opens they can walk right in. -Yes there is plenty of parking, all we ask is people only use the disabled bays if they have a blue badge -Many people are in this boat for this event as Lakeside sold so quickly, I would say your next best bet would be Portland but the atmosphere is great in all halls you just don't get the music in the background. Any other questions I would recommend jumping on our Discord (https://discord.gg/epiclan) as many of our veteran attendees hang there!
  7. Hey, We are still in the planning stages for the fun tournaments and games for epic22. As soon as it is all finalised we will get the info straight out to you guys so keep watching social media!
  8. or simply just chose a word you can all use as a clan tag!
  9. We did run a big game of PUBG last event and it went down very well. We are currently in talks with the developers to register as a PUBG partner so we can organise custom games and get all players from LAN into one game!
  10. Congratulations Elsie <3
  11. Breakfast was a little disappointing this morning all a tad cold but still tasty!
  12. Chicken wings were god tier god job KCC
  13. Breakfast was amazing the best I have ever had at KCC shame mushrooms are gone but still very nice
  14. Lasagne was lovley
  15. Turd