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  1. in case the youtube link dos not work here is a vimeo link and here the workshop link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=933838378
  2. This was a coaster.That JoeShow did show on the stream but i thought lets make a proper trailer and onride for it. also joe the tree is gone so next time when you load the blue print placing should be faster
  3. Entertainment Evening - Live Music Night

    you mean ellie goulding and dota music
  4. Windows 7 vs Windows 8

    Also in windows 8.1 (windows blue) you can start directly to the desktop and skip the metro interface
  5. Mid Week Mayhem! 26th June - 8pm

    I will be there
  6. yes and people need to drop that attitude really fast now.microsoft did drop the drm for now.but we will get on a stages that games only can be downloaded on the consel. and that we can not use used games.of course i understand the standpoint from the consumer that used games are way cheaper.there is only one problem with this. lets say that you sell your game to gamestop.and they sell it to somebody else again.the dev or the publishers don't get anything from that.now you will say this is not a problem they did sell that copy already to the first person.you are right about that for single player games but this is not the case for multiplayer games like batlefield and call of duty. one person pays for and the person that buys a used copy dos not pay for it so the dev and publishers dont get money anymore to maintain the servers ,we had a solution for this called the online pass but almost all the consumers had something against it so that did stop now.so if you like it or not something has to change about used games.
  7. concerninghobbits

    i think this is a really good mix by billyvan https://soundcloud.com/billyvan/concerninghobbits
  8. WTB: Web designer/developer

    And you are really good whit microsoft frontpage
  9. dragon ball online

    Hey i did start playing dragon ball online. im thinking is someone else playing as well and on what version maybe we can make a guild or something and get more English players in im playing on the Taiwan servers and on that server 2 http://dbo.wasabii.com.tw/index.aspx if you are thinking to try it out just ask me i can help you also you can find more info here http://www.dbocom.com/ It is free to play so don't pay for a account i did post this in the wrong place
  10. Dumb Ways to Die.

    so loudrootz do you have to max time on youtube ...
  11. Dota 2 at epic.TEN

    i think we need a epic.radio team for this one
  12. When i did see it for the first i did thought WTF