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  1. Good, Bad & Ugly

    Hi everyone, This was my first Epic LAN and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good Everyone was super friendly and chatty. I was a bit reluctant in attending because we wouldn't know anyone but everyone was really sociable. Food prices. Really reasonable prices for the tuck shop and meal vouchers. No networking/connection issues at all. Everything ran smoothly. I even did a cheeky game download and was surprised at how fast it was. Bad Hella cold during late evenings. Maybe it was because I was sat near the door, but it got very cold with the AC on. The lack of ladies toilets upstairs. I get that there's not many of us but having just one isn't ideal. Also the toilet paper ran out a whole bunch and even after telling the staff, it wasn't replaced after a long while, which meant going downstairs to the stalls. It's not a major issue but room for improvement. I get that the weekend is basically a junk food binge fest, and believe me, I fully took part. But it might be nice to have some fresh fruits, or healthy alternatives at the tuck shop in the event we don't want to open a third bag of Doritos? All in all, it was so much fun. Time flew by sadly See you at the next one!