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  1. epic25 - Event Defrag

    I mean thats perfect for us. If we are able to stay in D10-D8 that would be great. Thanks,
  2. epic25 - Event Defrag

    If its possible can Comicsans be on H, F, D in seats 10,9,8. We like being on the end by the wall. We did pick Row D but if we can be on any by the wall that would be appreciated. We would also prefer to be facing the entrance to lakeside and not facing away from it. Thanks,
  3. Ease of parking?

    Theres parking at the entrance/near the entrance and more further on to the right. So you may park close but if you leave an come back you'd probs have to park in the other section of car park. (in the image the second car park bit is to the left.
  4. epic24 - Menu

    Any chance in the future of getting chicken burgers on the menu of burgers? i dont eat beef burgers really so a chicken burger would be good to see.
  5. epic23 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Food was really well done this weekend. Staff have been great when I asked to swap some breakfast bits for toast instead. Food was nice and hot. (until I sat at my pc under the ac and it went cold in about a minute. Oops) Fries were really good and we got good portions. Only thing I would have liked more of was the pasta on friday.
  6. epic23 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Enjoyed food tonight. Everyhting tasted great and was hot , hopefully this is the start of some great food.
  7. epic23 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    this is something that would be great
  8. epic23 - Event Defrag

    Would it be possible for ComicSans to be on row H 10-7 instead of K please? If not its cool just thought it would be worth asking Regards katie