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  1. LFT for R6 Tournament

    Update, An organisation has approached me and is willing to fund a team with me, If you need a 5th then let me know and I will approach the org and see what they say. Cheers
  2. LFT for R6 Tournament

    Hi all, Looking to Join or Start a team to play in the tournament at Epic 26. I'm a Support Main, however comfortable at roaming/anti-roaming.I have work to juggle with so Availability is usually only 3 hours in the evenings Mon-Thur and 4+ hours Fri night. Any hours Saturday and Sunday.If you plan on going to Epic LAN, hit me up and we can get some games.Tickets will need to be bought by Mid January (If not already bought) so I know we're not gonna get dodged.Please note, You must be 18+ to Participate.My Uplay is Aluzionz.LFTCheersAluzionz
  3. Lakeside Seat Picker

    I notice alot of vouchered tickets for the seat picker in lakeside booking out almost a whole two rows and dotted out all over the place by 3 people. my mates and I would like to be in lakeside but doesn't look like we'll be able to with all these voucher seats. Are they all legit tickets?
  4. +1 Cod4 Tournament?

    heya mate, add my Xfire: tehwulf1 We looking for a couple more people to play with us to fill in the tourny