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  1. Lan game ideas

    I didn't know there was a lan share! thanks!
  2. Lan game ideas

    thanks, i shall take a look!
  3. Lan game ideas

    Hi all, we have a group of 10 coming this time and we will be mainly playing the usual games, RL, Overwatch, Dota maybe some Rust. I wondered if you had any recommendations for fun games that aren't too expensive (below like a tenner) that are worth just say a couple of hours of fun before getting boring. Doesn't matter if new or old, for example Age of empires 2, golf with friends, LFD2 are on our list to play over the course of the 4 days. cheers!
  4. Hi, i've noticed the Rocket League Tournament "Sign Up Now" link on this site https://epic22.tournaments.epiclan.co.uk/tournaments/rocketleague is wrong, it points to the Overwatch one instead. It should be: https://epic22.tournaments.epiclan.co.uk/tournaments/rocketleague/signup but it is currently: https://epic22.tournaments.epiclan.co.uk/tournaments/overwatch-ft/signup thanks, Oko
  5. First timer questions

    Cush, i'll just add, the car park is very close to the camping area so anythign valuable you can lock away in your car and grab it in the morning when you wake.
  6. note to all in lakeside!

    Surely that is their own fault lol, some of us like to be clanless noobs, but we still have friends to sit next to!
  7. Rocket League

    shotgun a seat next to Deevo or Markydooda
  8. Rocket League

    Rocket League has grown massively in the past year with several big Tournaments, it'll be nice to see RL get promoted from a "Fun tournament" into one of the main ones like Overwatch etc. Looking forward to Epic 22
  9. Bring on the RL tourney in October! yeeeehhhhhh boiiiiii