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  1. Remove unpaid bookings

  2. Kid plays Green Day better than Green day?

    When I saw them in Manchester a few years ago they got this little girl on stage to sing, fantastic! I remember they gave her earplugs too Tickets for next year sold out so quick I refuse to pay x4 the cover price for a ticket!
  3. It's time to say farewell.

    All the best
  4. 3 Days In London

    FYI the central line is horrible in this heat!
  5. Day Of Infamy on Early Access

    I've played it as an insurgency mod, was interesting getting a bit silly now this is a mod of a mod..!
  6. Sainsbury same day delivery

    I can't discuss some of the other stuff
  7. New PC Build - Advice Required!

    Have a look at closed loop water cooling joe, you can get them for very good prices now and get much better performance than air cooling
  8. Remeber Me

    I can only seem to be logged into one device at a time or it ask me to log in again
  9. epic.Lite 17 - Games & Activities

  10. Happy Birthday Elsie!

    Happy birthday
  11. Gary the goat

    Where is the dislike button @Dunceantix?
  12. Gary the goat

  13. Virtual Desktop Trailer

    I could see myself using this!