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  1. 2015: Extra Date Added

    Is the extra date including the tournaments etc as usual?
  2. Desk fans

    What's the policy on desk fans at e13? Weather has already been getting pretty unbearable at some points here so just wondering if they are allowed. Thanks
  3. The good Internet was fine except for a little bit of packet loss. Dota 2's fault for no LAN mode. Lighting was better than last time and was relatively cool. Sausage rolls were nice, relatively decent value at the catering Elsie being a top bloke and giving me a lift to the train station The bad Me and Doopz nearly getting lost coming back from Tesco's. CSGO players being noisy fuckers and not actually being able to hear my team on TS. The ugly Taking 3 different trains while carrying my PC and monitor just to get to the event. Doopz convincing me to bring my tower instead of laptop. Dota 2 UK community being a massive letdown as usual.
  4. Echoing Gumpster slightly, have an optional field when booking a BYOC ticket that shows what tournament (if any) the ticket holder intends on playing in. Easier to see who is interested in what tournament. Make the services option easier to find. I know before when I had to book the BBQ and Curry night before it was a ball ache to actually find where to book it. Maybe when you go on the book now page put it underneath that. On the who's going list, group up all the vouchers and shit so it says Winbar x 5 instead of Winbar 5 times for example. Just a little nitpick.
  5. epic.NINE - The Good, The Bad, The Nivek

    The Good Plenty of variety in the big games Lucking as far as I did in the UT2K4 fun tourny Music Actually doing a fair amount of gaming this time Friendly Epic / Catering staff The Bad Skipping sleep day before LAN to reformat my PC, meaning my sleeping pattern was a mess, causing me to sleep 13 hours on the Friday, missing a lot of the day. Leaving the event not knowing I won anything The Ugly Setting up my PC to find my power supply had conked, that Overclockers was now shut and Kustom wouldn't be arriving till Saturday. Luckily had a friend bring his old PSU which worked but only had enough to power my main hard drive. All in all, would still recommend the event to friends and looking forward to the new venue. Great event as always.
  6. Last Post Wins!?

    i think you all loose
  7. epic.tuesday 27/09/11 - what's your excuse?

    New college timetable which landed me with an evening class 7-9 on Tuesdays.
  8. epic.SIX TF2 Tournament Cancelled

    If you decide to do a HoN tournament I think you have to contact S2Games for a LAN client since they said they can provide it for events, although I don't know if there is any terms or what the conditions are.
  9. The article doesn't say anything about driving slowly and only seems to target the people who drive fast. I know people love to demonise fast drivers but there is a difference between driving fast and speeding. If these become widespread, I can see there being a fair amount more congestion from people penny pinching in fear their insurance will go up. Maybe one day they'll introduce achievements 'Drive to Tesco without going over 25 mph' and reward that with more money off your insurance.
  10. epic.FIVE Feedback

    Oops I forgot to leave feedback. Good: Segregation meant that the 2 parties didn't really conflict with each other. Lots of big games. Clean toilets. The network was stable. Catering was awesome, cheap, polite and decent selection. Pub quiz and evading last place yet another LAN Bad TF2 tourney, even if it was well run meant that I missed the UT2K4 tournament and we had to play with 5 in 2 of our matches due to Steam issues with the TF2 update. It was still a blast against Kaneth's group and LanOps and we did enter expecting to be violated but I think you get what I mean. The door being left open. It didn't actually occur to me until right near the end to write up a quick sign saying to shut the door. Massive draft through the door when left open and I did my best to keep it shut everytime it was left open. Also being right next to a speaker didn't help in TF2 when trying to use voice. The speaker wasn't a problem for the rest. Having to reformat on Thursday morning due to TF2 crashing randomly. Figured I could get the majority of my games from friends as most of the games I own are on Steam. Steam however refused to co-operate with me. Also if I had known the majority of our games would end so fast in the tournament I wouldn't have had to reformat! Assume anything else not mentioned was great and I'd say this was one of the better LANs.
  11. epic.Thursday 10th March Trackmania

    In order I actually enjoyed Knappster's despite it being pretty challenging although there was one section I wasn't too sure on how to complete (After passing through a load of those small circle things, it's the long loop thing) as I never seemed to get enough speed to do it, that is if I was doing it right. The majority of the track was pretty forgiving so if you overstepped a little it didn't completely trash your time. Jay's had lots of variety although I was pretty shit at it. I spent the majority of the map having to go slow and then slam into walls from every speed booster on the track. Playing the track normally without the skipping checkpoints, Sakey's was ok but it was a lot more fun to find exploits. Whether that is good or bad I don't know . For the few times I actually got past the beginning of the track Kaneth's wasn't actually that bad even though we only spent like 5 minutes on it. The beginning was way too harsh.
  12. Discounts

    Go to the main site, My account, Loyalty points and then the discount tab. You just enter the code at the checkout, apply it and voila.
  13. Glad the Co-Op Bank are on the ball.

    Checked my email today and I noticed that apparently I had registered at filesonic.com and bought a year subscription there for 55 dollars, saw that an unknown IP had entered into my gmail account and silly me also had the same password for my Paypal. So fingers crossed on whether or not Paypal give me my money back since I disputed it, heard lots of horror stories on how incompetent they can be. Got no idea how they got my password since only those 2 things have been compromised, everything else seems to be untouched and scan seems to come up clean.
  14. The good, the bad and the ugly

    Good Unreal tournament was great fun and I even lasted a respectable time considering I haven't picked it up in years. Big games - Lots of them Breakfast - Maybe my standards are lower but I thought it was reasonably priced and decent. Network - Apart from the odd hiccup Steam ran fine and there were updates for the majority of games on the FTP to grab. epic.SHOP - Cheap compared to what I'm used to (£2 for a can of monster or relentless at my local garage) and there was a big variety although we didn't use it as much, I personally would have bought more had I not brought a lot of stuff myself. Quiz - Varied questions and the bonus rounds were a lot more fun than the previous ones (fuck motorways). Bad This is only a minor thing but the tracks you put up for the big game of Trackmania are pretty awful. I think someone made a server after maybe 1 or 2 rounds and I know it's not your job to babysit us but that's literally the only bad thing I can think of throughout the event. Great event as always and hope to see you at epic.FIVE and if I missed anything else just assume it was good
  15. Main Tournament Suggestions

    I vote Trackmania for a solo tournament since it's free and can run on practically any rig. Really enjoyed the last one to!