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  1. epic23 Esports Titles Announced

    Tough decision, but seems very justified.
  2. Looking for me and/or a friend to join an Overwatch 6 person team who don't care about winning just willing to enter tournaments and get better as a team. Add me on discord Oliy#0296 or PM me on the forums

  3. epic20 - Network and Internet Feedback

    Yea I wouldn't think so Thanks anyway!
  4. epic20 - Network and Internet Feedback

    I believe it was this game http://store.steampowered.com/app/246900/
  5. epic20 - Network and Internet Feedback

    I think for the amount of devices connected it was brilliant network performance, my only concern is I got like 30 KB/s download a game through steam which was quite annoying but I understand why. Overall the fact that the internet and all the equipment was able to handle all those connections is fascinating. Well done to you all. I would be really interested in helping out because I love all this networking stuff but probably not yet , but again, good job to the whole tech team
  6. epic20 Map

    On the bottom of the map with the information it talks about Skype being insecure with people being able to grab IP's and disrupt tournaments Skype actually patched this about a year ago so people no longer can get IP's I still very much dislike Skype and would suggest teamspeak or discord highly over Skype any day, just thought I would let you know
  7. Good, Bad & Ugly

    The Good Meeting awesome people Playing loads of games The large variety of big games The kind and friendly epic.Team @gunmens Buying me 2 Yorkies The Bad When I first got to my space there where no chairs for me and my friend had to go and ask someone for 2 chairs... @TheMrFox Everytime he walked past me he attacked me For example while playing csgo he comes up behind me, puts my headphones on sideways and my hood over them... While playing cs It felt so short </3 The Ugly Feeling like I wanted to throw up for like 4 hours because I ate 40 chicken mcnuggets
  8. epic20 - Potbelly Ales

    I can dream!