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  1. epic.Thursday 28/2/13 - The Ship

    Best get Ship shape!
  2. New "Piston" PC console backed by Valve

    I assume that it is keyboard and mouse compatible.
  3. Costa Concordia Salvage

    Should be fun, whatever the outcome.
  4. Clara Oswin Oswald

    Those are some interesting facts and theories Gumpster, as always we'll be left guessing right until the end.
  5. Post your Santa hauls

    Pyjamas (always get them for Christmas) Socks (same, got them in white, could have done with black ones) Two Novelty Mugs Beard Trimmer Nivea Gift Set That's it. I am a hard person to buy for lol.
  6. Clara Oswin Oswald

    She looks to be one of the stronger companions. Almost an equal to the Doctor, but not quite. Attractive, intelligent and has a sense of mystery about her. Clara seems to retain the memory of each previous "life" and is able to track the Doctor down. Looking forward to watching the series when it returns. Need to re-watch the Christmas special.
  7. Happy Chrimbo!

    Have a very festive Christmas.
  8. PlanetSide 2

    It's one of those games like APB for example that require a good team/clan to play in order to get the most out of it and isn't newb friendly. The game badly requires optimisation and of course better instructions.
  9. RIP Sir Patrick Moore

    Good Game.
  10. PlanetSide 2

    Playing Vanu on Miller. Playing in the RockPaperShotgun outfit.
  11. John McAfee wanted for murder.

    That is one lethal virus scanning.
  12. So Movember...

    I'm just growing my facial hair anyway, I chose the right month to do so.
  13. So, I got hacked.

    Is it April the 1st?
  14. War of the Worlds 2012

    I sort of agree with Elsie. This modern version has nothing on the original and really there is no reason to make a new version of it. This feels a bit like it's trying hard to appeal to the younger audience of today and less like they are just improving on the original.
  15. Bye Bye MSN Messenger

    People still use it. I am surprised, especially wIth the rise of social media.
  16. [Tutorial] How to kiss a girl

    The second way is fine if you are a zombie.
  17. Right In The Childhood! [NSFW]

    I do wonder what these people, the ones who make these are smoking.
  18. Apple Maps on IOS 6

    I hope google take a couple of subtle jabs at them when they do release it.
  19. Black Mesa

    I wonder how long we'll have to wait. Hopefully it will be less this time.
  20. Black Mesa

    It ain't finished yet. The Xen part onwards has yet to be done.
  21. Black Mesa

    It is a decent remake.
  22. Breaking Bad

    Watched the pilot today. The show seems pretty interesting and I think I shall watch some more.
  23. Breaking Bad

    Heard well..read quite a few tweets raving about how awesome the show is. I think I shall check out an episode or 2. As for the cliff hangers part, the ones in Dr Who aren't too bad, not as bad as the ones from the likes of Lost.
  24. End of an era

    It is a very sad fact. Also it is quite likely the next person to step on the moon could be Chinese. http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2011/dec/30/china-manned-moon-mission-lunar
  25. Obsessed girlfriend meme

    Then wake up seeing this.