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  1. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    We think we probably found the problem with that one after the big game was over - I know there's a few staff that want to try running it again, especially since it seems like there were a fair few people trying to get in
  2. Upstairs Toilets - epic23

    Agreed - I thought the venue were really on point with the cleaning and bin emptying this time around, our cleaning checks were pretty uneventful!
  3. epic23 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Food was significantly better this event - well done KCC!
  4. Upstairs Toilets - epic23

    I'm bringing some luxury with me to epic23... dat andrex doe.
  5. First time EpicLAN where to sit?

    You sound like an ideal bunch to come join us in Lakeside! Casual games, music, consoles, funky lights, great atmosphere
  6. We did actually pick up on this ourselves as staff. Last LAN the aircon wasn't really keeping up in the summer so it was less of an issue, but this time round it was just about coping during the day. We forgot to turn it off when we went to bed so as you can imagine it cools down dramatically overnight when people go to sleep and PCs idle, so it ends up cold in the morning. Something us Lakeside staff will be looking out for in February's LAN!
  7. noblechair Giveaway Time!

  8. Catering Menu and Feedback

  9. Catering Menu and Feedback

    Chicken burger was very sad!
  10. epic21 - Catering Menu & Feedback

    The lasagne last night, and the chicken wings tonight were absolutely spot on... I think the food was actually better than last time so far, thanks KCC!
  11. Important Decision for epic21

    Rockstar Guava > everything COME ON GUYS
  12. epic20 - Network and Internet Feedback

    Would definitely be interested in seeing the technical side of the epic.LANs, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the wireless coped (and it really was a god send with no signal on 3 or EE in KCC) and the overall performance in general. Downloading games just needed a little planning ahead while people slept, and there was never any game breaking latency from what I noticed. Don't know how many more (if any) volunteers you guys need on the tech side but have put an application in via the epic21 site anyway
  13. Good, Bad & Ugly

    First time at epicLAN and actually first real LAN! We were in Portland and apparently drew the short straw on seating but hell I preferred our new seats. The food vouchers are a great idea, tuck shop was top notch, and the company was good too. Two minor niggles are 1. Portland was FREEZING and 2. It was sometimes hard to track down server IPs and games for the "Big Game" events. Needs more Golf with your Friends and Minecraft hunger games