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  1. BIG GAMES and FUN TOURNAMENTS at epic24

    Hmmm, want some non-standard game modes to play? I have a bunch of game modes that I do with a few others over at the PUBG Subreddit Discord channel. Happy to share/do some with ya'll! (e.g. Normal game but circle isn't known. Mad Max Furygrounds, King Of The Hill...)
  2. First

  3. Seating Plan

    See the post here: Looks like you've been moved because you're not signed up to a tournament. Seating Defrag was widely known and advertised.
  4. epic23 - Event Defrag

    If possible, can ComicSans move to F10-7? Facing the door and being in the corner would be much ideal! If not then nvm but worth a try! <3
  5. Epic 22- the good the bad and the CS:GO screambuoys

    Jesus christ... maybe if you can all speak to each other (on both sides) like adults rather than little spoilt kids, a solution could be found... This whole argument is just pathetic. If you have a problem with something during LAN, you can go and ask them nicely to quiet down a bit, or speak to staff. But this is a LAN and you're to expect noise from everyone! Making increased noise after a complaint on purpose is just rude and insulting to staff. So whether that's CSGO players screaming louder or a bloody robot - if you're asked nicely to tone it down you should do so. And the fact it's been admitted that the robot was bought just to piss people off is just as stupid. This doesn't highlight a "noise problem" it highlights a you problem as you seem to think that's a good thing to do? I don't get it! If you have an issue, speak nicely to them or staff to get it resolved and if it doesn't go your way then just crack on and enjoy yourself regardless - there's no need to become argumentative over something as stupid as this. And if you don't like it, then you know what you can do for the next event. *group hug* Now... lets go on topic. The Good - The weather! It went quite in our favour! - Catering staff were lovely! - Reech's continued awesomeness (get yourself some vocalzones next time!) - Overwatch 1v1 Fun Tournament! Forced friend in to join us and he bloody wins it. Jammy git. - I didn't have to babysit anyone - Winbar letting me borrow his Apple Watch charger. <3 - Beer Pong was an hilarious watch! The Bad - Lakeside temperature was freezing first thing and too hot at the end of the day. Got a fan though so that helped. But had to keep the coat on in the morning to warm up! Last LAN seemed more consistent. - Catering food was pretty meh... We got lucky with fresh chips one night. But the rest of the time it was all quite cold. But yay for JustEat! - Internet speed was awful! Much worse than last LAN and kept timing out when trying to download a small 50MB file. PUBG wasnt cached on Steam and in game seemed a bit laggy. But other gaming wise it worked fine. - Lakeside desks. These picnic benches are so uncomfortable and itchy! And the lumps between planks makes using the mouse an entertaining task. - Bar staff bought from downstairs on Saturday night with no clue on what they're meant to be serving and being told by attendees on what to serve (including telling them we should use plastic cups not glasses). Managed to use a glass for one pint which was lovely (it's always better!) but took it back to the bar afterwards! - Pub quiz. The screamy screamy people! Oh my god my ears! It stopped being funny after the first time. The Ugly - This thread.
  6. Hallowmeme on Saturday Night

    Just the thought of this freaks me out.
  7. epic22 - Event Defrag

    No worries then, was worth the ask! Thanks for moving @Umbra_curator! Roll on Epic \o/
  8. epic22 - Event Defrag

    Possible we get Umbra_curator next to the ComicSans clan? (The bugger didn't change it - but its being changed). Preferably next to the two in H. And as a bonus, moved back to G and F walls if poss