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  1. SpecialEffect @ epic23

    I will definitly tune in and watch the stream as i'm not attending this LAN.
  2. Some of you call me LANDad

    Gratz Elsie
  3. epic21 - Catering Menu & Feedback

    @Kettering I found out that apparantly I scarred two youngsters working in the catering for life when I appeared in my mankini. I humbly apologies for any bleech they had to pour in their eyes to stop them from having nightmares...but at least they can put on their resumes they have seen proper swedish meatballs (and not the ikea kind) now.
  4. How do I look competition!

    Since noone drew me in a mankini I actually had to think for a bit before making a decision and after a bit of pondering I have to say that @JoeShow had the most accurate entry to the competition. Buuuuuut, Joe didn't draw that entry himself and since the competition was to draw how I look, and not tell someone else how to draw me, Joe can't be crowned winner... Sorry Joe. Instead the one who actually drew will be crowned winner, so congratulations @bexomondo you won even tho you didn't submit an entry yourself I'll try get hold of you on discord so sort out a nice price for you, if you read this before I get hold of you, just spam me on discord or something.

    Good Meeting everyone I've only seen or spoken to online, everyone was great and friendly. Air Con, don't think I've ever been to a LAN thats had endurable temperature before. Board games, altho I didn't play anything myself, I had plenty of fun sitting down watching others play both RPG's and board games. M0rt for letting my try racing with VR. Bad Even tho it's removed i can still feel the spectator wristband around my wrist. My back after sleeping on the floor with no mattress. Ugly Me in a mankini, but I already knew that State of showers, they were fine at the start of the LAN, but as it progressed they got worse and worse.
  6. Epic.Beach Party

    Borrowed shirt from my uncle today, i'm ready for some beach party loving now!
  7. How do I look competition!

    Hmm, either Winbar missed the part of DRAW a picture...or thats the most photo realistic drawing i've ever seen...
  8. How do I look competition!

    Someone thinks I'm a big arse for not letting them be in the competition...
  9. How do I look competition!

    I've been hanging out in the Twitch chat and discord for quite a while now, and will be finally attend a LAN at E21. And since noone knows how I look I thought it would be fun for everyone to make guesses and has thus decided to have a competition. Draw a picture how you think I look and post in this topic before the LAN starts. Any means of drawing is acceptable, photo of a hand drawn picture, paint, photoshop or whatever. I will select a winner who will get a game on steam (I'll choose something of my liking after checking winners wishlist and choose something I think the winner will like). I will judge according to: 1) How correct your drawing is (ie tall/short, fat/skinny, long hair/shaved or whatever) 2) How fun the picture is (feel free to include stereotypes of whatever you think of me from what you know of seeing me chat/talk in twitch and discord) 3) Only if I can't decide a winner I'll judge by how good the actuall drawing is, meaning an accurate stick-figure can win over a photo-realistic picture that looks nothing like me. Unfortunatly there is one person that has seen me before and thereby Electric Man is disqualified from joining this competition (Sorry eM) Role
  10. Board Games Gubbs

    A quick and simple board game I've always loved is Kill Dr Lucky, would be nice to have it available for a few games.
  11. Getting this out here early to see if anyone is able to help me. Since I'm a silly swede I'll have to fly in to join the LAN. So I'd appreciate if some kind and gentle soul would be able to pick me up at Heathrow and take me to the LAN. I will ofc offer money to cover for fuel, and I'm going as a spectator so won't be bringing a full PC rig. Not booked plane tickets yet so day/time is flexible, but I'd prefer to arrive as early and leave as late as possible, I wanna enjoy the whole LAN