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  1. Mordhau

    Situated in the top 20 Steam games somwhere is Mordhau. Would be fantastic to somehow implement a fun tournament for this or possibly in future events. Never thought I'd find myself playing such a game but can highly recommend. Steep learning curve but very rewarding.
  2. Camping

  3. Camping

    Hi, I would like to camp at Epic27 although the option wasn't available upon booking my x3 tickets due to unconfirmed ground works at the time. Can you kindly advise how to confirm/pay for camping? I don't mind paying on arrival. Ta.
  4. Apex: Legends Tourney?

    Everybody @ LAN click ‘ready’ at the same time .... simples *cough*
  5. Huge epic24 upgrade announced!

    Great news!
  6. Seats

    Hi, I will be attending my second EpicLan at the upcoming EpicLan 24 (first was 22), although this time I'm brining daughter and nephew. Not a problem, although becomes a problem when they wish to bring their own gaming chairs. With the inclusion of chairs in particular, it now becomes a nightmare to fit everything in my car. First question would be; is it possible to hire gaming chairs at EpicLan - NOT small little hard wooden chairs that I spotted at EpicLan 22, and if not, would anyone have the capacity to bring a spare gaming chair(s) that they would be willing for me to hire for the event out of interest? Thank you in advance for any help.
  7. Seats

    Thank you for replies. Understand the logistical nightmare bringing gaming chairs alongside your current setup, Boss Man. Hopefully the providers will seriously consider this service.