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Due to the shift to social media and the use of the forums dropping dramatically, we have made the decision to close the forums.

The forums are now in READ ONLY mode

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Found 2 results

  1. who would be intrested in playing cards against humanity on the forums how it would work:- i would pm your white cards(drawn from a real deck) tzar would go from player to player(i would not be playing) first to ten points wins i wil use a dice roll for starter i will post black card(and current tzar) everyone else pms me the card(s) for the blanks in order i will post answers in random order tzar picks winner rules:- gambling will NOT BE USED rebooting the universe(discard awesome point to discard any white cards and draw replacements)to do this post the cards to the forum
  2. Forum upgrade

    The forums are the centre of our community here at epic, so it's important to make sure they are up to date and shiny for everyone to use. We have just upgraded the forums to bring in a few nice enhancements: Sharing a single post You might want to share a great reply to a topic on Facebook or perhaps email a link to an interesting post to a friend. You can now do this by clicking either the post number or the little share icon to the right of the post number. This brings up a new modal window which will allow you to share just the post in a variety to ways. Editor Pasting A lot of the time you find that you just want to paste plain text into the editor so you don't have to then remove formatting such as background and font colours. There is now a new option in the editor to allow you to do so. Best Answer Feature This new feature allows a topic starter (in specific forums) to mark a post a the best answer. So if you have a burning question and someone posts a decent answer in the flurry of responses, then you can let everyone know which answer was the most useful to you. A small excerpt of the answer is placed at the top of the topic for easy reference and a user can instantly jump down to that answer if they wish. Editor Improvements Code boxes and live previews have been improved for those times when you need to paste in some code to show to everyone. Code is automatically formatted based on your selection and line numbers added. There are now also live previews for both code and quoting. Enjoy