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Found 3 results

  1. Butchers Bridge, likey?

    I am LOVING the LoL map at the moment but I am hearing mixed reviews. I figured it's not here to stay so it's ok in the short term. Actually it's damn sexy in the short term. Oh and the music I'd be happy for them to keep everything but the voice over. What d'y'all reckon?
  2. Competed in Epic 12 with MnM, got to the quarter finals with 2 subs, now disbanded. Hopefully be diamond before the lan Add me ingame if you're interested. Ign: Budy
  3. To anyone with an interest to take part in the tournament at Epic12, Who don't currently have a Team, I am looking for like-minded people to join into my team ready for Lan, I am currently a Gold-Elo player and have expectations to reach higher in Season 4, I will accept anyone in or above Silver and can prove they know their prefered role, Please Fill this out if you're interested, Thanks. Q: What is your summoners name? A: Q: How old are you? A: Q: What is your prefered role to play? A: Q: What is your current Division? A: Q: Are you able to listen to calls (moving somewhere or engaging)? A: Q: Do you have a working headset and speak good english? A: Q: Are you based in England? A: Q: What days are you avaliable for practice? A: