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Found 8 results

  1. Butchers Bridge, likey?

    I am LOVING the LoL map at the moment but I am hearing mixed reviews. I figured it's not here to stay so it's ok in the short term. Actually it's damn sexy in the short term. Oh and the music I'd be happy for them to keep everything but the voice over. What d'y'all reckon?
  2. Hello there, I've created a 1v1 tournament for Dota players at Epiclan. Small entry fee of £2.00 Which all goes to the prize pool. If you want to test your skills against some of uk finest then feel free to sign up at http://binarybeast.co.uk/xDOTA21506123# (rules within!) If you have any questions dont be afraid to ask.
  3. Casual LoL Tournament

    Hello I have a suggestion for a new fun tournament for the casual players of League of Legends. Now i saw a lot of people in Lakeside playing LoL but none of them were in the tournament for it because they know they will be unable to compete against that level of play. Against a better judgement we made a team and took part, now i know with any large prize pool that is advertised it is going to attract the best, and we got bested, we lost all games and was out instantly but at the same time this took up half of Saturday and didn't fill us full of much confidence. Now as a casual player of LoL i don't take it too serious and I'am not that competitive but at the same time i would love to take part in a tournament for fun. Now we could have a tournament set up like UT and F1 whereby there is no promised prize at the end or even the prize could be some sponsored peripherals something that would be worth taking part for but wouldn't enable competitive players to jump ship. Maybe each team that enters is £5 (£1 per player) giving a small £50 ish prize pool at the end would be fun. To be honest there doesn't need to be a prize, i mean it is a "fun tournament" but it does keep things spicy. If the tournament was to be a thing then some stipulations would have to be set for example, players must be Gold league or below, the level of skill within this league and below is similar and not too far as to be so outplayed that it makes you question the reason you play League of Legends. This is an idea anyway, and would love to hear what others would like to see but the concept i believe is good, the great aspect about Epic.LAN is its community well why not bring those that play LoL together and have a friendly tournament between ourselves. SkiddyBear
  4. Looking to play LOL or CS:GO

    Hi im Grimzzy Decent skill looking for team or mix. I decided super late to attend epic twelve,if anyone wants to make a team for CS:GO or LOL, or is looking for sub im ready to play. gold mid laner in LAN team and shot caller (obviously not this lan ) can fill anyroles. Alot of team exprience in CSS and some team experience in CS:GO. solid FPS player. If you need a fill for any games or dont have enough for any of the fun tournament hit me up .
  5. Hey, My name is Grunders, We are looking for someone to be apart of a Decent LoL team competing in the tournament, We are a good team and play well together but someone had to bail and leave just 10 mins ago, it's not much time to be prepare. but if you are going or are able to make it there in time and want to be apart of a team that could go forth and win it, please Pm me. The roles available are either jungle or top. Thank you.
  6. epic noob

    well i'm coming to epic10 for the first time and this will be my first LAN event for almost 10 years! I started gaming again more recently after living abroad for a while anyway just looking to maybe play a few games with some people online who are also going. I generally just play CS:GO, LOL also got SC2, but not played that for a while. Wouldn’t mind playing for a CS:GO team if one is looking, but also just looking to have some fun at a LAN event and meet some people. Steam Add: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197976322464/ LOL name: kumatwelve I’ll also be driving up from Canterbury in Kent, but i haven’t decided when exactly I will head up and come back, I’ve taken the Friday and Monday off work. So could possibly pick somebody on the way up. I also haven't decided on where I should shit as I don't know anybody
  7. Kane.

    That is all.
  8. http://www.fiftyshadesgenerator.com/ Beats Lorem Ipsum hands down!