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Found 3 results

  1. At the end of what's probably going to be yet another rainy bank holiday in the UK, join us on May 4th for some community TF2 action to start getting you all in the mood for epic.lite 15 at the end of the month. Server details will be here shortly, so be ready to join us at 8pm for some Hat Fortress, as always, we'll be starting with some cart pushing!
  2. 16/12/14 Games Night -TF2

    Games night is upon us and this week we are taking it back to old skool TF2 Tuesdays! Join us for some fun from 20:00. Get out your back burners and your baseball bats! If you are really lucky, there may be some presents being given out my yours truly as well through out the games! See you there!
  3. *-- http://www.lanops.co.uk --* Doors Open: 4pm 26th April. Finish: 6pm 28th April. Players: 60 Location: Dronfield Civic Hall, Sheffield, South Yorkshire Cost: BYOC weekend ticket (in advance): £35 BYOC weekend ticket (On the door): £40 Day Ticket (limited number): £20 Spectator weekend ticket: £5 We are excited to announce our next event, LanOps 14! If you are interested in joining us go ahead and http://www.lanops.co.uk/lanops14/attendance'>sign up here. Please remember that payment is needed to secure your seat should we fully book up. Don't forget to all of those who have been to any of events before we are still doing our "bring-a-newb" promotion, we give you £10 back for every new player you bring! We are running the usual social and big games, and our long standing marathon tournament system will be in running for the prize handout Sunday afternoon. The timetable is http://www.lanops.co.uk/lanops14/timetable/'>available here, allowing you to sign up to the big games and tournaments. As always we are open to your feedback join us on facebook. Still not convinced? How's this: * Improved 16' big screen: Displaying the latest event info and frag vids! * Awesome food discounts including 50% off Dominoes! * ProjectorGames return! Bring a squad member promotion Got a friend who has never been to one of our events before? We'll give you £10 back for each person you introduce. Save money on Kustom goodies http://www.kustompcs.co.uk'>Kustom are continuing their support of LanOps and are once again offering free delivery on any orders to be delivered to the event. *-- http://www.lanops.co.uk --* Games Whilst we do have a timetable, we are flexible and you are free and encouraged to organise your own games if you wish. In the past some of the games we have played are: * Counter Strike: Global Offensive * Natural Selection * Company of Heroes * Counter Strike: Source * Left 4 Dead series * Supreme Commander * Starcraft 2 * Team Fortress 2 * Trackmania * Unreal Tournaments * Quake 3 *-- http://www.lanops.co.uk --* Social Gaming * Console Games - Current and Retro consoles. * Rock Band * Group Games - A few things planned away from the computers More information? We can be reached on IRC, forums, email or mumble and we look forward to seeing you on our game servers. http://www.lanops.co.uk/lanops14/attendance'>BOOK NOW! Say no to LAG! LanOps team