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Found 46 results

  1. Doctor Strange Trailer

    The Doctor Strange trailer has dropped on the interwebs. Featuring the talented Benedict Cumberbatch, it looks like we are entering further into the mythology in the Marvel Universe, the endless possibilities and another risk for Marvel similar to Guardians of The Galaxy outside of their usual forte of super heroes etc. Looks incredible.
  2. Suicide Squad

    I'm strangely looking forward to this
  3. Star Trek Beyond

    Hmmmmmmm I've not been a huge fan of the film reboot, I'm more looking forward to the new TV Series!

    Sticking with the New Class, this should be an interesting continuation of the story!
  5. Independence Day: Resurgence

    I think I just wee'd a little inside
  6. James Bond - Spectre

    New trailer is out now!
  7. Minority Report

    Looks interesting, following on long after the film when pre-crime is no longer allowed.
  8. DC's Legends of Tomorrow

    What if..... you could have all your favourite DC characters in one TV show??? The ArrowThe FlashThe AtomHawk GirlWhite CanaryFirestormCaptain Cold & HeatwaveI bring you.... DC's Legends of Tomorrow! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MubNoWQiSc I am lactating for this already...
  9. Supergirl

    Well, I for one cannot wait for this!
  10. Furious 7

    After having watched this "meet the new cast" featurette, I'm really looking forward to this next film in the old F&F franchise
  11. Better Call Saul

    Some of the early reviews saying this is as good as Breaking Bad itself, tough act to follow, but looking forward to this:
  12. Ted 2

    This looks brilliant!
  13. Fantastic Four Trailer

    Reboot time!!!
  14. Avengers - Age of Ultron

    Second trailer out, looks awesome! CAN NOT WAIT First trailer for those who have not seen it
  15. Ant-Man

    As Marvel continues its comic to film character transformation, we now see the tiny ickle Ant-Man come alive!
  16. Chappie

    RoboCop + Johnny 5 = Chappie! wooooo ROBOTS!
  17. Terminator Genisys

    I'm so confused, this could go really well, or not so well...
  18. Jurassic World

    The only issue I can see is that it looks like all the dinosaurs are going to be CGI, whereas in the original Jurassic Park it was part models and part CGI.
  19. I'm looking forward to this, will be interesting to see it change from the games to resistance fighting!
  20. Z Nation

    After the likes of The Walking Dead, can any other zombie based TV show compete? The trailer makes it look like this will be a bit different to what we are currently used to from a zombie show. Coming to our screens in September.
  21. Ascension

    New TV show coming in November showing on syfy. Interesting premise, and something a bit different for a change.
  22. The Nut Job

    Squirrel, grats on your film almost being released!
  23. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Bring on the Michael Bay hugely unneeded explosions! But, they do look different!
  24. Hercules

    w000t can't wait!!!
  25. X-Men - Days of Future Past

    This is looking good, hopefully they will finally get a good X-Men film out!