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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am interested in competing in the CS:GO tournament at epic21. But I do not have a team to compete with nor do I have anyone I know who is going. So I am looking for team to compete in the tournament with, I am serious about winning while wanting to have fun at the same time. I have decent experience in playing CS to a semi-professional standard and I can play multiple roles. If you are looking for people to compete in the CS tournament with, or already have a team and need people, please contact me on steam or message me on here so we can discuss more. http://steamcommunity.com/id/curdz (leave a comment so I add you) Cheers
  2. epic noob

    well i'm coming to epic10 for the first time and this will be my first LAN event for almost 10 years! I started gaming again more recently after living abroad for a while anyway just looking to maybe play a few games with some people online who are also going. I generally just play CS:GO, LOL also got SC2, but not played that for a while. Wouldn’t mind playing for a CS:GO team if one is looking, but also just looking to have some fun at a LAN event and meet some people. Steam Add: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197976322464/ LOL name: kumatwelve I’ll also be driving up from Canterbury in Kent, but i haven’t decided when exactly I will head up and come back, I’ve taken the Friday and Monday off work. So could possibly pick somebody on the way up. I also haven't decided on where I should shit as I don't know anybody
  3. UK Domestic Scene Part 1

    It has taken a few weeks to write up, and many things have changed since then, (I had originally included 4Kings, but they are no more). But I have been determined to look at the UK's domestic scene for Counter Strike Global Offensive, originally I opted to do one single list, literally listing every single British Team I could find, however that would be a pretty boring list, and would be too long for people to really read. Instead I opted to have a series of articles in the build up to the UK's largest LAN, insomnia47 and have today announced the first part of this ongoing series. The series bases itself from the highly successful article that I wrote on the UK National League, and people had asked what British teams were currently playing in the Counter Strike Global Offensive scene, and whether there could be a need for a UK National League. If you need to remind yourselves of that article you can read here for that. I will leave people with question marks as to who will be next, but there are a few teams around who are capable of competing, and I didn't want to do the one article, so there will be three. Article 1 - This current article will examine your top teams of the scene currently Article 2 - The second article will look at the fringe teams and outside chances (ie Dark Horses). Article 3 - The final article of the triliogy will give you a brief look at some of the best of the rest + every other team listed. You can have a read here: The UK CS:GO Scene Part 1 Share your thoughts on what the domestic scene is currently like?
  4. UK National League?

    So Tom "Gumpster" Gumbleton has done one of his more usual articles poking the interests of many to see what can be done. The topic this time is around the lack of a UK National League since the fall of EPS two years ago. There are many other countries that currently operate a National League system which directly supports their domestic gaming scene in the hope of making it more recogniseable to the outside world and to help newbies come into the scene and discover the competitive side. Full Article here: Click Here What are your opinions, should we have a UK National League? If we did how would you make it work, your opinions are always wanted and appreciated, and it'd be great to see something like this take the communities feedback. Read, comment, share, flame, throw molotovs at me etc etc etc.