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Found 4 results

  1. Tabletop RPGs @ Epic 23

    I'm going to be staffing epic 23 so I'll be spending less time in the board games area this event, that said I am hoping to run a Tabletop RPG session on the central stream and I'll be looking for victims players who want to take part. I'll be running my favourite system, Dungeon Crawl Classics which is a modern D&D like game with some new funky rules. I'm running great little adventure called The 13th Skull (which @gunmens may remember from last years UK Games Expo) "Thirteen generations ago, the ambitious first Duke of Magnussen made a fell pact with an unknown power, who asked for but one thing in return: the thirteenth daughter born to a Magnussen duke. Now, generations hence, the daughter of Duke Magnussen XIII is stolen away by a hooded executioner riding a leathery beast. As it wings back across the city walls to drop behind the Duke’s mountain-top keep, all who watch know it alights in the Magnussen family crypts, where the devilish secrets of thirteen generations have been buried and forgotten – until now…" Here's last summer's broadcast to give you an idea of how the stream games work: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/152680422 No previous RPG experience is required, I'm happy to teach the game as we go but I AM looking for players who are reasonably confident and happy to take part in a session on stream. Times are to be confirmed, but I think we're looking at a Friday afternoon session and we're usually limited to four players but it would be good to have a standby or two given that schedules change with tournaments etc. Let me know if you're interested below!
  2. I'm know it's a bit early to be planning stuff for the LAN but it's a quiet here so I'm plotting stuff... I usually run a Dungeons & Dragons game at epic using an old school ruleset (Labyrinth Lord or Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG) I try to make it a simple, fun and accessible game. I got a bit carried away at the last LAN and tried to run for 10 players and whilst it wasn't a total disaster it wasn't as much fun as it should have been, so I'm going cap numbers this time but I'll try to run two different games if there is enough interest: The first game will be another Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG funnel adventure. Similar to D&D but each player starts with several 'level zero' characters who are peasants and farmers rather than heroic fighters, wizards and rogues. Chaos, carnage, misfiring spells and much character death usually ensues. I also want to run 'White Star' which is a Sci Fi system, also based on old school D&D (which makes it easy to learn) White Star doesn't have a specific setting but I'm working on an adventure idea set 'A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away' This will be a bit of a play test and if it works out ok I may run it at the UK Games Expo in May. As usual I'll set dates and times when we're all at the LAN to try and fit around tournament and shift commitments but feel free to ask questions and get involved, all welcome!
  3. Pretty much what it ways on the tin/title. I'm hoping to run a one off session of Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, a pen and paper tabletop RPG similar to Dungeons & Dragons (but with a few fun and unique twists) It's an easy system to pick up and I try to make my games accessible to newbies as well as fun for folk who have played before. I'll post it on the casual event timetable thingy once the events starts, but post here if you're interested and want to be kept in the loop.
  4. Determined as I am not to spend the entire LAN sitting in front of my machine I'm thinking of running some old school D&D at epic.12 if anyone fancies rolling some funny shaped dice? Ideally I'd need between four and six players to make this work. No experience is necessary, the game will use an older rule set which is well suited to beginners. It's less complex than recent versions but should still be recognisable to anyone who plays the current (4E or Pathfinder) editions too. The adventure is one I've written myself and it normally takes about three hours to run through, assuming that the player characters survive (insert evil laughter) There is of course no charge but players are reminded that it is tradition to buy the DM a pint!