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  1. I'm know it's a bit early to be planning stuff for the LAN but it's a quiet here so I'm plotting stuff... I usually run a Dungeons & Dragons game at epic using an old school ruleset (Labyrinth Lord or Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG) I try to make it a simple, fun and accessible game. I got a bit carried away at the last LAN and tried to run for 10 players and whilst it wasn't a total disaster it wasn't as much fun as it should have been, so I'm going cap numbers this time but I'll try to run two different games if there is enough interest: The first game will be another Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG funnel adventure. Similar to D&D but each player starts with several 'level zero' characters who are peasants and farmers rather than heroic fighters, wizards and rogues. Chaos, carnage, misfiring spells and much character death usually ensues. I also want to run 'White Star' which is a Sci Fi system, also based on old school D&D (which makes it easy to learn) White Star doesn't have a specific setting but I'm working on an adventure idea set 'A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away' This will be a bit of a play test and if it works out ok I may run it at the UK Games Expo in May. As usual I'll set dates and times when we're all at the LAN to try and fit around tournament and shift commitments but feel free to ask questions and get involved, all welcome!