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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone! Please post any feedback or questions you have about the internal LAN, Internet connections or wireless for epic.THIRTEEN. We've already got some improvements planned for epic.FOURTEEN. Also, here's some basic stats for you! Total Downloaded: 1.6TBTotal Uploaded: 200GBUnique Devices on the LAN: 658Steam Cache Downloaded: 334GBSteam Cache Uploaded: 1.15TB
  2. Community Timetable - http://www.epiclan.co.uk/epic13/timetable This thread is for the community timetable feedback during the event. If you do have any issues or compliments, please either let the team know at the time or post them here. We are always looking to improve the social side of the events, so any suggestions are appreciated
  3. Menu & Times - http://www.epiclan.co.uk/epic13/catering This thread is for bar and catering feedback during the event. If you do have any issues or compliments, please either let the staff know at the time or post them here. It's far easier for us to improve things during the event rather than after. The staff from Kettering Conference Centre will be monitoring the thread during the event.
  4. epic13 Rooms

    The keen ones amongst you will have noticed some shuffling around of rooms for epic13, so here's a bit of an explanation: Portland - This room is back as the main social hall. We love Lakeside but it wasn't available this event, but we're already working to secure that for all of 2015.Bamburgh - Unfortunately we've had a couple of events now with Pendeen hugely under-capacity so it's not sensible or cost effective for us to use the room as the 'quiet' social room any more. However, we promised to provide a room for people who don't want the music, so we've decided to make Bamburgh the quiet room which better reflects the numbers we've been getting this room. Longstone - As before, a community/clan room that needs to either be booked in one go, or for all 24 people to book individually and then claim the room through www.epiclan.co.uk/contact.Fair Isle - As before, our eSports hall.Indoor Sleeping - We'll be deciding which halls to use for indoor sleeping in the near future once we have confirmed any partner activities and have an idea on casual gaming numbers. It's likely to be either Pendeen or the Club Room.