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Found 4 results

  1. epic.EIGHTEEN is fast approaching and we need you to help us produce some amazing new content! Some of you may have already seen the epic.Bitesize videos that we produced at epic.SEVENTEEN in February - if you haven't already seen them, you can watch them here. We are continuing on with the Bitesize format this event, but will be looking to shake things up a bit. We want you all to send your photos and video clips from epic.EIGHTEEN to us so that we can put together a montage of epic moments from the event! A sort of video postcard that you can all look back on and remember how amazing the event was. If you snap or film something funny, interesting or just plain awesome at epic.EIGHTEEN then please send it to gitsie@epiclan.co.uk or bitesize@epiclan.co.uk. You can, alternatively, grab me during the event and we can do the old USB transfer if you'd prefer. The quality of photos or videos isn't the key focus with this content, as it's meant to be a bit candid/spontaneous. We just want to see you guys having fun, enjoying the LAN, and getting involved. Please note: Alcohol must be purchased from the venue bar only - you know what that means! Only clips/photos taken during the event will be used. If the content of the clips/photos are unsuitable or offensive (I won't explain, we're all adults here) then they won't be used. CU@LAN
  2. Football at epic.EIGHTEEN

    We have had a lot of questions regarding the Football on Thursday, and so wanted to clear things up for you all prior to the event. Unfortunately, as the match starts 2 hours prior to the event starting at 4pm, we can not provide TVs or a stream for you to watch it on. We will still be building the LAN at 2pm, so we won't have the staff resources available to set this up and maintain it for the length of the match either. We also can not allow any members of the public in to the venue prior to the Health and Safety checks being completed (which usually starts at 3pm and can take up to a full hour) and therefore you will not be able to enter the Gallery or gaming halls/clan rooms to stream on your own PCs/Laptops etc. The venue has a TV licence, however they do not have TVs in the downstairs bar. The wifi signal in the bar area is patchy at best and we can not guarantee that you will be able to watch the football on your devices whilst waiting for the event to open. Please do not add to the workload of the staff doing early check in by asking questions about providing facilities to watch the football on, as they will be very busy! If you want to watch the match then your best bet is to either: Watch at home and arrive at LAN later - don't forget you can check in at any time night or day, but if you're camping it is recommended that you turn up early so you have enough light to safely put up your tent. Plus the camping can be busy at the Summer event. Head to a local pub/bar to watch it there. We have confirmed that the nearest pub "The Trading Post" do not have a TV and so won't be showing it, however there is a local sports bar only a short drive from the venue that will be showing the match. https://www.facebook.com/The-Miniature-Sports-Bar-and-Grill-641362979237914/timeline Use your own mobile data to view it on your device(s), or stream to a monitor for group viewing - as above, the venue has a TV licence so you can watch it on your own equipment as long as your connection can support it. Again though, the mobile signal in that area of the venue is not reliable! We will, if possible, try to show matches during the event if we have the resources available however we will not interrupt the social or tournament timetables to do so. We want you all to have a fantastic event, and the social timetable is looking awesome, but if you do have any questions or issues during the event please find a member of staff and they will be happy to help find a resolution. gitsie
  3. Join us this event for some Don't Starve Together. Starting at 10pm Thursday and ongoing till 1pm Sunday. The game mode will be Wilderness, players will spawn randomly around the map and return to the character select screen upon death. You may engage in cooperative or competitive play but there can only be one winner. The player who survives for the most days will win. You will need to prove your days survived with a screenshot of the player list by 1pm Sunday, which can be posted below or sent to me directly. Our friends at ASTRO Gaming have kindly sponsored this event by supplying prizes! Winner: ASTRO A40 TR Headset Runner-up: ASTRO T-shirt In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by either a fight to the death, drawing straws or the fabled coin toss. (For the love of god do not tie)
  4. Looking for a lift from the South West/M4 corridor area! I'm only coming as a spectator so no PC space needed! Will chip in with petrol money and food/drink of choice!