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Found 7 results

  1. If anyone has any feedback/comments, good or bad on the internal network and Internet connections this event, please let me know. We put a bit of work this event into improving our core network, with new network switches; we also added another Internet connection into the venue as well. Some great stats from the weekend that I posted on Facebook: Wired Devices: 481 Wireless: 718 Internet Upload: 644 GiB Internet Download: 3.89 TiB Steam Cache Upload to LAN: 3.09 TiB Steam Cache Download from Internet: 1.24 TiB Peak Cache Speed: 430 mbps Internet Usage Graph Steam Cache Graph
  2. Demo Request

    I am hoping to make a frag movie from the epic 20 event i would like if possible to have the demos from al the games i played i wouldn't. i heard not sure if it was true that the demos aren't labelled, i don't mind sifting through them if given them. cheers, Joe/FsN
  3. Good, Bad & Ugly

    Surprised no-one has started this already - so here we go! The Good Ricky & Amy, as always the best banter at KCC The DJ Sets on Saturday Night. That Enya/Prodigy mix up was top notch The catering - despite some minor issues, the food was awesome and those Honey Chicken Skewers need to be a permanent fixture Seeing all you lovely people again! The Bad People who turn up to LAN and then try to restrict how much fun other people can have. We're all here to have fun, so chill out! The weather during build (it did a little rain!) The toilets and showers on Friday morning. Someone had 100% had an accident in the ladie's showers The Ugly Gump's 4am rendition of Wonderwall. My ears!!!!
  4. Anyone willing to give a lift to epic 20 from Preston or manchester? willing to pay fuel coverage
  5. epic.20 - Lakeside De-frag

    Hi Folks. Its that time again! K J H G F E D C B A 10 404 (K10) uwotm9 (J10) -UM- (H10) RealDNA (G10) RealDNA (F10) uwotm9 (E10) BD (D10) NONE (C10) TA19 (B10) uwotm9 (A10) 9 404 (K9) 404 (J9) -UM- (H9) RealDNA (G9) RealDNA (F9) BD (E9) BD (D9) Macro (C9) TA19 (B9) hodg (A9) 8 404 (K8) -UM- (J8) -UM- (H8) RealDNA (G8) RealDNA (F8) Bean (E8) Bean (E8) Phenom (C8) TA19 (B8) uwotm9 (A8) 7 404 (K7) NONE (J7) -UM- (H7) RealDNA (G7) RealDNA (F7) Bean (E7) Bean (E8) -UM- (C7) TA19 (B7) Thur (A7) 6 404 (K6) leftone (J6) -UM- (H6) RealDNA (G6) RealDNA (F6) BD (E6) Bean (E8) uwotm9 (C6) TA19 (B6) Thur (A6) 5 404 (K5) Pina Colada (J5) Pina Colada (H5) RealDNA (G5) RealDNA (F5) Bean (E5) Bean (E8) TA19 (C5) TA19 (B5) Thur (A5) 4 404 (K4) Pina Colada (J4) Pina Colada (H4) RealDNA (G4) RealDNA (F4) Bean (E4) Bean (E8) uwotm9 (C4) Saboo (B4) Hodg (A4) 3 404 (K3) Pina Colada (J3) Pina Colada (H3) RealDNA (G3) RealDNA (F3) Bean (E3) Bean (E8) uwotm9 (C3) uwotm9 (B3) Hodg (A3) 2 404 (K2) Pina Colada (J2) Pina Colada (H2) RealDNA (G2) RealDNA (F2) BD (E2) Bean (E8) LOTH (C2) LOTH (B2) Hodg (A2) 1 NONE (K1) Pina Colada (J1) Pina Colada (H1) RealDNA (G1) RealDNA (F1) Bean (E1) Bean (E8) LOTH (C1) LOTH (B1) Hodg (A1) So this is what we have right now, I would like to make sure everyone has the correct clan tag. Specifically calling @Darbsterkill, @TheLongDark, @left-one, @SourzFam, @Pyder, @NoobishGamerOne. This is your friendly warning before I start on the defrag in the coming weeks. So please, if you spot anyone who has not got the right clan tag, tell them to change it! Thanks for your co-operation
  6. epic20

    epic20 General Information Dates: Thursday 16th - Sunday 19th February 2017 Times: 4pm Thursday - 4pm Sunday Venue: Kettering Conference Centre, Thurston Drive, Kettering, Northants, NN15 6PB Spaces: 470 Participants: £69 BYOC Ticket New: £77 New Flex Ticket Spectators: £10 Spectator Day Pass, £25 Spectator Whole Event Pass Save money with Loyalty Points - Check Your Balance Now Be a part of the team, volunteer for epic20! epic20 We host a number of rooms with different atmospheres: Fair Isle - Our eSports hall with our experienced tournament admin team Portland - Additional eSports area for Overwatch Lakeside - Our 'loud' casual gaming hall with an epic atmosphere Clan Rooms - Longstone (24 People - SOLD OUT), Bamburgh (18 People) eSports Tournaments Up to £3000 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Up to £3000 Dota2 Up to £1000 Starcraft 2 Up to £500 Hearthstone Up to £2000 Overwatch All prize funds listed as basic pools and will be increased if sponsorship is obtained. Winning teams receive free tickets for the following event with runners up taking discounted tickets, with all cash prizes paid out on the day of the event. Activities epic.Games & Fun Tournaments - Big games throughout the day where we try to get as many people into the server for some epic action! Pub Quiz - Friday Night epic.Achievements - Certain things that you do at the event will give achievements which will be added up at the end of the event. Board Games Area Not to mention all of the usual things you would expect to find such as consoles, social/chill-out area, licensed late bar, etc. Services The following additional services are available to book and use alongside your event ticket: Free Indoor Sleeping Free Parking Free Camping Seating Picker & Seating Manager Group Bookings Additional Connection for Laptop (Wired) - £9 Wireless Connection for Spectator - £5 Server Co-Location - £12 3 Day Breakfast Ticket - £15 3 Day Evening Meal Ticket - £13.50 Food & Drink There will be a bar (open until 2am) and on-site catering open during the event, all alcohol must be purchased from the bar. A microwave & kettle will be available in the venue but no fridge space. The nearby town of Kettering has plenty of catering outlets which will deliver to the venue and will be listed on the event intranet. The event team will also be running a 24h snack and (soft) drink bar including items like crisps, chocolate, caffeine drinks as well as essentials such as ear plugs, kettle leads and 4-ways. Under 16s If you are aged 15 or under, you are required to provide a completed and signed parental consent form on arrival to the event. Cancellations If you are unable to attend the event, please notify us as soon as possible. If your notification is received over 28 days prior to the start of the event, your payment will be refunded subject to a £10 administration fee per ticket. Notifications received within 28 days of the event will not be refunded unless the event is full and your place can be sold to the next person on the waiting list, in which case the £10 administration fee will still apply. Refunds will typically take up to 10 working days to process providing all of the information required is supplied in order make the transaction. Note that standard BYOC tickets are not transferable and are for the named holder only unless purchased as a voucher, in which case they can be transfered to the new ticket holder once, from which point they also become non-transferable. Flex tickets do allow for multiple ticket transfers.
  7. RPG Game(s) at epic20

    Hey guys and gals, Myself and @M0RT have spoken a few times about me running a Cthulhu adventure at one of the events, so I thought 2017 would be the year! I just wanted to gather some opinions on what people would be interested in, especially as I would be trying to fit the game in to about 3 hours(ish) with the aim of then continuing either on stream after the event or via the forums. So, I have three ideas; Victorian London - Think Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, Jack the Ripper, Steampunk. New Orleans Jazz Age - Voodoo, Vampires and Cajun accents. Futuristic/Cyberpunk Fantasy - Somewhere between The Fifth Element and Blade Runner? Totally open to more suggestions and if you want to throw some pro-tips in to the mix then please feel free! Hoping there'll be a few of you wanting to get in on this action PLEASE NOTE: I am very much aware of the love for rules in RPG games, however, I am one of those GMs who will 100% let something pass if you role play it amazingly. So you do not have to be an experienced RPG player or D&D veteran to play in a campaign/adventure I run. Trust me! gitsie x