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Found 4 results

  1. epic27 - Portland & Fair Isle Defrag

    Hello Guys & Gals, Firstly, this is a little short notice and late, however this is due to the fact that ticket sales have only just started picking up over the last few weeks, and the seating plan has started to get a little fragmented as a result. To make everyone aware, only the rooms named PORTLAND & FAIR ISLE will be getting defragged. Lakeside still has plenty of seats (and we can always open another row if needed to accommodate any late ticket sales). Please be aware, if you are part teams then you will need to get your players to buy tickets as soon as possible otherwise I will end up bunching part teams together to make space for others. This is a major responsibility to shoulder with regards to the seating plan and how to keep everyone fairly happy. In previous events, we have accomplished of keeping the majority of people happy with this, however please understand that this is a tough thing to accomplish. We have people attending on their own, all the way up to groups of 10+. We will be reaching out as much as possible to organise this the best we can. The logistics of this is very time consuming and takes a lot of work by ourselves. We are happy to discuss alternatives and as much as we want everyone to be 100% happy, there may need to be some compromises and I would ask that you work with us to come to such agreements if needed. As a final further point. We will not tolerate any sort of toxicity within this thread or anywhere on these forums or any other public forum (social media, discord etc.) Please respect both ourselves and each other throughout this process. We don't do this for our own benefit, we do this to make sure everyone has a... EPIC LAN! Here are some vital things to follow The seating plan will be LOCKED on June 8th & 9th for me to do the changes necessary. If you have any specific requests, please use this thread to communicate and please make sure you communicate these requests in a efficient manner (ie please check with others in your group or groups that everything is as it should be). Once June 9th (at 11pm) rolls around, I will take no further requests from anyone and the seating plan will be locked until LAN. Thanks
  2. Hi! First of all, forgive me if that's not the place to post this, I made an account just for this. As the title says, I'm a dota player and I'm looking for people to play with at the lan. I realize that the dates to register are long due, but if there's a possibility to replace a missing player or if a spot opens in any way, I'd be willing to fill it. Here's steam profile and dotabuff for reference: https://www.dotabuff.com/players/105283710 http://steamcommunity.com/id/bazzlebg/
  3. Big Games @ epic.NINETEEN

    Our big games are one of the fun features at epic.LAN events, giving you some scheduled games that you can jump in and out of, featuring fun things from years ago through to the things that are just gaining a following. We'll be featuring fun tournaments for Overwatch and Rocker League, as well as a big screen games of Super Smash Bros and other gallery-based fun. Do you have any suggestions? Let us know, and we'll sort it out!
  4. Hi guys and girls, we've released tickets for our 10th LAN happening at the end of May and would be chuffed if some of you would like to come. A bunch of us will roll on up and attend epic.FOURTEEN (can't make 13 sadly) Cheers and happy LAN-ing! www.zeropingheroes.co.uk Dates: Sat 24th May 10am – Sun 25th May 6pm (32 hours) Venue: St Mary’s Social Centre, Christie Road, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 1PL (photo sphere) Spaces: 30 seats BYOC (seating plan) Tickets: £25.00 per seat Internet: 60mbps down 20mbps up LAN: Gigabit (full fabric, no bottlenecks) Buy Tickets Sign Up & Pay Later Who’s Going: View Signups Facebook Event: Click here Games & Events Play whatever you want! We also have servers set up for: TrackMania (free) Team Fortress 2 & (free) (free) (free) Goldeneye: Source (free) Unreal Tournament 2004 (£8.99 on Steam) Half-Life 2: Deathmatch (£2.99 on Steam) Counter-Strike: Source & Gungame (£13.99 on Steam) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (£11.99 on Steam) OpenTTD (free) Quake III Arena (£13.99 on Steam) Parking / Travel 10~ free spaces on-site Free on-street parking nearby Lewes train station - 20 min walk, 5 min taxi Eating Kettle, microwave and small fridge on site Corner Shops - 2 min drive, 7 min walk Yummy Yummy (Chinese take-away) – Deliveries from 5pm to 11pm Saturday & Sunday Dominos Pizza Ringmer - Deliveries from 11am to 11pm Saturday & Sunday The Hearth Pizza Lewes - Deliveries from Midday to 11pm on Saturday & 1pm to 8pm Sunday Tesco - 5 min drive, 25 min walk Waitrose - 4 min drive, 19 min walk Spice Merchant (Indian take-away) - 3 min drive, 15 min walk Pizza Express – 5 min drive, 20 min walk Drinking Next to the venue: St Mary’s Supporter’s Club Bar! Some of the best drink prices in Lewes Two full-size pool tables Open on Sat: 7:30pm – 11pm and Sun 12:30pm – 3pm and 8pm – 10:30pm Sleeping Floor space in main room Quieter storage room through kitchen What to bring Computer, power cable Keyboard, mouse Screen, power cable Headphones / headset Airbed / roll mat Security You are responsible for securing your possessions! Front door will be locked at 4am Saturday night, unlocked 9am Sunday morning Important Please don’t bring any alcohol – the St Mary’s Supporter’s Club Bar is really great, and just next door! Under 16s Anyone aged 15 or under wishing to attend must request and complete a parental consent form by emailing info at zeropingheroes.co.uk and present it upon arrival