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Found 2 results

  1. Werewolves Game 4

    My apologies for not sending out roles last night, I fell asleep really early! To save time I am going to go straight into the night phase so I will message you all your roles now and then, when applicable, ask what you want to do, if you have something to do at night. If you don't have your role in the next 15 mins or have any questions then let me know by PM. Bare with me though because I don't have cards so I have to pick scraps of paper out of a glass! hehe Re-cap of cards Werewolf - Acts like a townie during the day wakes up with team kills 1 person each night Thief - 2 extra cards are added to the deck, thief gets to choose from last two cards Villager/Townie - no night ability just acts during the day only (I tend to call them villagers but it's the same thing as townie) Village Idiot - Doesn't die when lynched by the village but loses the right to vote. Can be eaten though. Scape goat - If the village vote ends in a tie then the scape goat is lynched instead. Cupid - Chooses any 2 people (can be himself) to become lovers. Lovers - The lovers are in love they cant vote to take each other out. the lovers new role is to end the game together last ones alive. When 1 lover dies the next lover dies with him. Seer - Sees any one persons card each night Hunter - When killed will take out another person of his own choice Witch - Has 2 one time use potions, 1 to kill 1 someone and 1 to save someone usable only at night Jail Keeper - Protects 1 person each night from ANY death but also prevents them from taking action during the night. Obviously all these cards aren't in the deck but I thought this time I wouldn't say what is in/out and see what happens! Might be terrible but we'll see! So now..... *NIGHT PHASE BEGINS!*
  2. Werewolves Game 4 - Sign Up

    To give Gumnens a break from modding the online games I'll be modding the next one. Sign up here. Will look to start in a few days if there is enough people. Signed up - 5 players gitsie eM Chugglebunny Kameo Chigger