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Found 9 results

  1. Guide to your epic.LAN event

    Its Mere to Mere so here is my handy little guide to all that is LAN Week Before LAN Book breakfast and Evening meal vouchers This can only be done prior to the event and it’s worth doing saves you having to worry about food for the event and saves you money. Print your ticket barcode and know your username and seat number This will help us check you in at our events meaning quicker access. If you can’t print it don’t worry but do know your user name If you’re 16 or under you will need to get a parental consent form completed and bring that to the event. Download it here https://www.epiclan.co.uk/files/ParentalConsentForm.doc Allocate your vouchers If you have bought multiple tickets or have a voucher icon next to your name on the seating plan this means you have a voucher to allocate. if it's for yourself allocate the voucher to yourself otherwise pass the details to your friend to assign the voucher. This will save a lot of time at the event meaning you can get in quick and start playing games Pack Quite important to pack all the things you need. I would suggest ensuring you have 4-way power plug, Kettle leads, etc. Also make sure you pack a towel and shower stuff. For more details check our FAQ https://epicgaming.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/5000542586-what-do-i-need-to-bring- Download Games, drivers and Software While we do provide an internet connection it is shared across all the people at the event (470+) so help everyone out and get your games and software done before LAN Sign up to your esports tournaments before the event Sign up via our tournament site https://tournaments.epiclan.co.uk/ This will help us group people for the seating plan Defrag and show us numbers for future events. We can also use this data to encourage more sponsors and hopefully secure higher prize funds Talk to each other in the build up. Make use of our epic lan Discord https://discord.gg/epiclan before and at our events to talk to other players and staff. Day of LAN The event opens at 4pm Thursday, the Downstairs bar is open from 2pm Thursday with early check-in to help get people in nice and quick. Travel Make sure you check your train times and travel plans for any closures or diversions. Check in from 2-3.45 - Find a member of the epic team and ask check yourself in. From 4 you will be able to check in at the lakeside desk and the shop areas. Please note We may (and probably will) ask for ID. This is to make sure the right person is getting the ticket and that you are of legal age to drink. ID cards Must be one of the following Passport, Driving Licence, National ID Card or a Card carrying the Pass Logo. If you don’t have one we may have to count you as under 18. You will be given an under 18 band and stopped from drinking by the Venue. We use a Challenge 25 policy for this. Setup and Enjoy Setup your stuff and get going. Any issues with Networking etc please let a member of the staffing team know they will do their best to help you out. Forgot something Our onsite 24-hour shop has Food, Drinks and last-minute items that you need whether that’s a VGA cable, Kettle lead or Batteries and mouse matts. We also have the epic Branded Gear. These go quick so don’t miss out LAN Weekend Enjoy yourself Big Games Check out our big games timetable jump into games with others and show them who's boss go to the epic Hub Accept hub notifications from the epic hub, Get notifications for big games taking place and reminders for when catering and bar closes and opens (MORE important) Also add stuff to the community time table, We see you all playing games. Want to get more people set a time up for it and people will join you. Fun Tournaments Check out the fun tournaments and prizes sign up and aim to win Shower Make use of the onsite facilities such as the showers. They will help you feel fresh and stop LAN death spreading. I’m sure people around you will be grateful too. Top up your epic Event Account Did you know you have an event account you can put money on. This can be used to buy all manner of goods at our event from the epic.shop. Great Eat and drink Make use of the onsite catering, Epic shop and Bar. They are handy for your food and drink needs. You can also order food in. However, we would ask you provide your name and User name and Seat number when ordering food. This will help the staff find you and get the food to you while it's hot. Socialise Epic do put on an opening ceremony Thursday, Pub quiz Friday (not quiet world famous) and Special events Saturday. Keep an eye out for the details on Social media hint https://www.facebook.com/events/335565836908006/ Visit the stands We always try to get companies to our events keep an eye out for these and go say hi see what they have. Internal voice comms, Yes we have an internal voice comms system TeamSpeak. Tweet Yes we have an epic tweet wall on display at our events. Push a tweet out with the hashtag #epic23wall
  2. Status of LAN Menu

    I’m just wondering the status of the menus for the lan i know KCC need time to make them I’m just wondering how things are going and when we will find out the menu
  3. Hi! First of all, forgive me if that's not the place to post this, I made an account just for this. As the title says, I'm a dota player and I'm looking for people to play with at the lan. I realize that the dates to register are long due, but if there's a possibility to replace a missing player or if a spot opens in any way, I'd be willing to fill it. Here's steam profile and dotabuff for reference: https://www.dotabuff.com/players/105283710 http://steamcommunity.com/id/bazzlebg/
  4. Hey guys, I'm 14 and wondering if there are clans around looking for a 5th? I'm supreme, 1700 hours and wanting to get some experience at my first LAN. Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/7070707070070707/
  5. Don't forget, the last one sold out and there are only 24 spaces so be quick! - https://www.epiclan.co.uk/elite-south-5
  6. *-- http://www.lanops.co.uk --* Doors Open: 4pm 22nd July. Finish: 6pm 24th July. Players: 68 Location: Dronfield Civic Hall, Sheffield, South Yorkshire Cost: ‘Bring Your Own Computer’ (BYOC) weekend ticket (in advance): £30 After its first sold out event LanOps is returning bigger, better and more awesome this summer. Sponsored by MSI UK, there will be prizes to be won from our raffle system where everyone gets a chance to win something. We will also be hosting our first League of Legends tournament and kicking it off with a £200 prize fund. LanOps 23 is a 48 hour LAN party for 68 people who love gaming and socialising with like minded people. Covering everything from social/fun games, competitive tournaments, Virtual Reality rigs for you to try out, card and tabletop games, consoles and retro arcade set-ups! Still not convinced? How's this: Improved 16' big screen: Displaying the latest event info and frag vids! Awesome food discounts including 50% off Dominoes! ProjectorGames return! Bring a squad member promotion Got a friend who has never been to one of our events before? We'll give you £10 back for each person you introduce. *-- http://www.lanops.co.uk --* Games Go to https://www.facebook.com/events/203825606639649/permalink/221750911513785/ to vote for what games you would like to see played. Whilst we do have a timetable, we are flexible and you are free and encouraged to organise your own games if you wish. In the past some of the games we have played are: Counter Strike: Global Offensive Team Fortress 2 Over watch League Of Legends Hearthstone Unreal Tournament Arcade/Retro games *-- http://www.lanops.co.uk --* Social Gaming Console Games - Current and Retro consoles. Group Games - A few things planned away from the computers such as tabletop, RPG and card games. VR Racing Rigs Arcade games Contact Us Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LanOps/ Discord - http://bit.do/lanops-discord Teamspeak – ts.lanops.co.uk Book Now - https://www.lanops.co.uk/product/lanops-23-weekend-ticket/ Say ‘no’ to lag and CU@LAN!
  7. Zero Ping Heroes LAN 13 - Dates: Fri 17th July 6pm – Sun 19th July 6pm (48 hours) - Venue: St Mary’s Social Centre, Christie Road, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 1PL - Spaces: 30 seats BYOC (unallocated seating) - Tickets: £25.00 per seat - Internet: 60mbps down 20mbps up - LAN: Gigabit (full fabric, no bottlenecks) Links - Buy Tickets - Sign up & Pay Later - Who's Going - Facebook Event - Past Event Photos - Past Event Videos - Venue Location - Terms & Conditions - Ticket breakdown About our LANs Encouraging participation in games, socialising, and providing the best possible atmosphere for gaming is what we're all about. Unlike many other LAN parties who set which games are played, we survey every ticket holder in advance asking you for your favourite games. We then timetable the most popular choices, which gets everyone playing together in big games, which is where the real fun begins. Add to this music and lighting to complement what's going on and you've got the perfect social gaming atmosphere. Games You decide which games we timetable for the event, as explained above. To give you a better idea, here are a few favourites from past events: - Team Fortress 2 - Quake III Arena - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - The Ship: Murder Party - Dota 2 - Blur - Teeworlds - The Hidden: Source - DEFCON - Age of Empires 2: HD - Multi-Theft Auto Extra Activities - Pub Quiz - Test your gaming knowledge with several rounds cooked up by our finest quiz-masters. Last event we had "guess the game from this terrible tablet finger painting" and "whose (death sound) is it anyway?" - Projector Games - Play games head to head on our 12 foot projection screen. At past events we've enjoyed Nidhogg, Gang Beasts, Fibbage, Drawful, Starwhal, Mount Your Friends, Towerfall: Ascension among others - Pizza Order - A staple of any LAN party, we take a big order of pizzas and order them in from Dominos for your enjoyment Eating - Kettle, microwave and two fridges in the kitchen - Corner Shops - 2 min drive, 7 min walk - Tesco - 5 min drive, 25 min walk - Waitrose - 4 min drive, 19 min walk - Yummy Yummy (Chinese take-away) - Dominos Pizza Ringmer - The Hearth Pizza Lewes - Spice Merchant (Indian take-away) - 3 min drive, 15 min walk - Pizza Express - 5 min drive, 20 min walk Drinking - Bring your own alcohol to the event - Next to the venue: St Mary's Supporter's Club Bar! - The best drink prices in Lewes Sleeping - Floor space in main hall - Two quieter small sleeping rooms through kitchen What To Bring - Computer - Keyboard & mouse - Headphones / headset - Screen - no screens above 32" diagonal size as desk space is limited! - Airbed / roll mat and sleeping bag - strictly no doubles as floor space is limited! - Towel and toiletries - the hall has a shower available What We Provide - 1x Wired Gigabit network connection - 2x IEC power cables - standard UK sockets available on request - 802.11n wireless - Desk space - 91cm wide and 68cm deep - Chair - plastic, non-folding and pretty comfortable - Sleeping space for 30 single airbeds Travel - 10~ free spaces on-site - Lots of free on-street parking nearby - Lewes train station - 20 min walk, 5 min taxi Security - You are responsible for securing your possessions! - We cannot accept liability for any damage or loss to your property - Front door will be locked at 4am each night and unlocked at 9am each morning Under 18s - Unfortunately we are not able to admit anyone aged 17 or under due to alcohol licensing laws - sorry!
  8. So this is my first ever lan event and im determined to bring the scottish gaming community together , so here are the details Dates: Friday 31st july (5pm) - 2nd August (8:30pm) Venue: The Friary, Tullideph Road, Dundee, DD2 2PN Spaces: 60 BYOC seats TBC Tickets: £30.00 per seat for 3 days , each day costs £10 ( this includes indoor sleeping and all the chillout zones and the ceremonial pizza ! who doesnt like pizza?) chillout zone with netflix , pool table and a magical couch ! Just dance saturday night Tournaments TBA free spaces on-site Free on-street parking nearby Kettle, microwave and small fridge on site ( filled with emerge energy drinks, other soft drinks and water) Corner Shops - 2 min walk The Bridge fish and chips 4 min drive , 8 min walk Dominos Pizza city quay - Deliveries from 11am to 3am friday, Saturday & Sunday Tesco - 7 min drive, 33 min walk Floor space in main room What to bring Computer, power cable Keyboard, mouse Screen, power cable - no screens above 32? diagonal size as desk space is limited! Headphones / headset Airbed / roll mat – no doubles as space is limited! Security You are responsible for securing your possessions! there will be a security guard on hand now this is where i will need you guys help ! im going to be honest i have no idea how to get the word out and im not making money this is non profit everything that is all the money im making is going straight back into the event , so i can break even and the rest of the money will go towards future events to make it better for you guys ! so share the word scotland has a lan to rejoice and party and be all nerdy ! An email will get sent out a month before the event , with the ticket link and more information ! just do thishttp://goo.gl/forms/CNDtThQ5oL The venue and dates are confirmed now its you guys
  9. *-- http://www.lanops.co.uk --* Doors Open: 4pm 26th April. Finish: 6pm 28th April. Players: 60 Location: Dronfield Civic Hall, Sheffield, South Yorkshire Cost: BYOC weekend ticket (in advance): £35 BYOC weekend ticket (On the door): £40 Day Ticket (limited number): £20 Spectator weekend ticket: £5 We are excited to announce our next event, LanOps 14! If you are interested in joining us go ahead and http://www.lanops.co.uk/lanops14/attendance'>sign up here. Please remember that payment is needed to secure your seat should we fully book up. Don't forget to all of those who have been to any of events before we are still doing our "bring-a-newb" promotion, we give you £10 back for every new player you bring! We are running the usual social and big games, and our long standing marathon tournament system will be in running for the prize handout Sunday afternoon. The timetable is http://www.lanops.co.uk/lanops14/timetable/'>available here, allowing you to sign up to the big games and tournaments. As always we are open to your feedback join us on facebook. Still not convinced? How's this: * Improved 16' big screen: Displaying the latest event info and frag vids! * Awesome food discounts including 50% off Dominoes! * ProjectorGames return! Bring a squad member promotion Got a friend who has never been to one of our events before? We'll give you £10 back for each person you introduce. Save money on Kustom goodies http://www.kustompcs.co.uk'>Kustom are continuing their support of LanOps and are once again offering free delivery on any orders to be delivered to the event. *-- http://www.lanops.co.uk --* Games Whilst we do have a timetable, we are flexible and you are free and encouraged to organise your own games if you wish. In the past some of the games we have played are: * Counter Strike: Global Offensive * Natural Selection * Company of Heroes * Counter Strike: Source * Left 4 Dead series * Supreme Commander * Starcraft 2 * Team Fortress 2 * Trackmania * Unreal Tournaments * Quake 3 *-- http://www.lanops.co.uk --* Social Gaming * Console Games - Current and Retro consoles. * Rock Band * Group Games - A few things planned away from the computers More information? We can be reached on IRC, forums, email or mumble and we look forward to seeing you on our game servers. http://www.lanops.co.uk/lanops14/attendance'>BOOK NOW! Say no to LAG! LanOps team