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Due to the shift to social media and the use of the forums dropping dramatically, we have made the decision to close the forums.

The forums are now in READ ONLY mode

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  1. epic.HUNT feedback

    Hello all! Just wanted to say we really loved running the epic.HUNT, and that we're looking to make it better than this time! Some wonderful moments... jobabob after working out the final answer for a particularly perplexing question suffixing his correct answer with "YOU ma, the far cars"Tankgirl finding the page about the artist who recreated the Abbey Road cover in breakfast food itemsFinding out that a team had called their pub quiz team after one of the questions (you know who I'm talking about...)Finding a team stuck on a clue because "they wouldn't make us go outside, would they?"Getting some people thinking about watching Sneakers... Getting a little giggly as *no-one* spelled Dumbledore correctly first time round..."I KNOW it's a red herring, but I just can't stop looking at it!" (I'll let the rest of CFMN fill in some of their stories...) Please let us know what we did right, what we did wrong, what could be tweaked.