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Found 3 results

  1. Overwatch 6V6 Team

    Hi Is anybody looking to join an Overwatch team or needing anybody to join their team? There are currently two of us and I've created a team but there is only one mercenary on the list currently and the messaging system isn't working to contact them anyway. I noticed that most of the teams don't have the 6 required people so what will happen on the day? Will we just be merged into teams of 6? Thanks Termin8or3000Xtreme
  2. Grills Overwatch team

    Hi Peeps, I am looking to form a all girls overwatch team to promote female gaming and e-sports. if you or anyone you know would be interested then feel free to drop me a message. TankGirl x
  3. Hey Guys & Girls, So I decided to recreate the logo from Overwatch using only vector icons of all the characters. Let me know what you think. Overwatch Poster Thanks!