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Found 9 results

  1. Rocket League Tournament

    Gutted to have missed Epic 27. Seemed like a strong lineup for the RL tournament again. Super excited as we currently have 8 players coming to October but we need one more player. If anyone fancies joining one of our teams, please let me know. iCoN
  2. Looking For 2 CSGO Player

    Looking for 2 players for Epic-Lan Feb Counterstrike GO ?
  3. Hi guys, We will be entering two teams again into the Rocket League tournament at Epic 26 but unfortunately only have 5 players. We require one more player. Looking for Champ 1/2 player if possible, but happy to hear from anyone! iCoN
  4. 3rd player for RL tournament

    Hey! Me and my friend are looking for a 3rd player for the Rocket league tournament at epic26! We are both platinum 1 players and if we are being honest just participating for the fun of being included! Feel free to reply or drop me a message here or on steam! Steam ID is dazzo2008.
  5. Overwatch 6V6 Team

    Hi Is anybody looking to join an Overwatch team or needing anybody to join their team? There are currently two of us and I've created a team but there is only one mercenary on the list currently and the messaging system isn't working to contact them anyway. I noticed that most of the teams don't have the 6 required people so what will happen on the day? Will we just be merged into teams of 6? Thanks Termin8or3000Xtreme
  6. Join us this event for some Don't Starve Together. Starting at 10pm Thursday and ongoing till 1pm Sunday. The game mode will be Wilderness, players will spawn randomly around the map and return to the character select screen upon death. You may engage in cooperative or competitive play but there can only be one winner. The player who survives for the most days will win. You will need to prove your days survived with a screenshot of the player list by 1pm Sunday, which can be posted below or sent to me directly. Our friends at ASTRO Gaming have kindly sponsored this event by supplying prizes! Winner: ASTRO A40 TR Headset Runner-up: ASTRO T-shirt In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by either a fight to the death, drawing straws or the fabled coin toss. (For the love of god do not tie)
  7. Rainbow6: Siege Tournament

    Hey Peeps, I know its a long shot as probably nobody knows much about this game, but honestly this is truely one of the best tactical shooters I have ever played to date, it requires a ridiculous amount of teamwork as well as knowledge. Anyway just a simple question do you think this could be a tournament for the next epic? Let me know your thought's
  8. Casual LoL Tournament

    Hello I have a suggestion for a new fun tournament for the casual players of League of Legends. Now i saw a lot of people in Lakeside playing LoL but none of them were in the tournament for it because they know they will be unable to compete against that level of play. Against a better judgement we made a team and took part, now i know with any large prize pool that is advertised it is going to attract the best, and we got bested, we lost all games and was out instantly but at the same time this took up half of Saturday and didn't fill us full of much confidence. Now as a casual player of LoL i don't take it too serious and I'am not that competitive but at the same time i would love to take part in a tournament for fun. Now we could have a tournament set up like UT and F1 whereby there is no promised prize at the end or even the prize could be some sponsored peripherals something that would be worth taking part for but wouldn't enable competitive players to jump ship. Maybe each team that enters is £5 (£1 per player) giving a small £50 ish prize pool at the end would be fun. To be honest there doesn't need to be a prize, i mean it is a "fun tournament" but it does keep things spicy. If the tournament was to be a thing then some stipulations would have to be set for example, players must be Gold league or below, the level of skill within this league and below is similar and not too far as to be so outplayed that it makes you question the reason you play League of Legends. This is an idea anyway, and would love to hear what others would like to see but the concept i believe is good, the great aspect about Epic.LAN is its community well why not bring those that play LoL together and have a friendly tournament between ourselves. SkiddyBear
  9. Looking to play LOL or CS:GO

    Hi im Grimzzy Decent skill looking for team or mix. I decided super late to attend epic twelve,if anyone wants to make a team for CS:GO or LOL, or is looking for sub im ready to play. gold mid laner in LAN team and shot caller (obviously not this lan ) can fill anyroles. Alot of team exprience in CSS and some team experience in CS:GO. solid FPS player. If you need a fill for any games or dont have enough for any of the fun tournament hit me up .