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Oh yes, the time has come for a post about this game of the decade.

The best game since MI came out.

That's right, it's MINECRAFT!

www.minecraft.net - for those of you who have bought it already, start posting your testimonies straight away, for those who haven't, well, don't, buy the game, play it, and then post them.

I'll start by explaining a little bit about the game, basically, you mine, craft, build, fight you name it, you do it in this game. There isnt an easy way to explain it, as it's full of surprises, literally. This one time, in a cave, I was mining trying to find a zombie spawner, and a zombie dropped on my head, needless to say, I pretty much shit myself, and died because my mouse span like a hooker on speed. That is how awesome this game is. Really.

I'll add a couple of awesome screenshots so people can see what I mean, but honestly, your best bet is to buy this game, get addicted, play it for a week solid, and then post about how amazing it is.


This is someone Cave of Solitude! The big tunnel you can see has been dug out by someone making an awesome cave :P


This is sombody abusing the fact you can get infinite TNT. BANG BIG HOLE.


Another awesome base, with a waterfall they added!


And lastly, OMG FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!

I really can't explain this game very well, your best bet is to read the forums, the main website, or just buy the game for the cheap price of £8 and find out for yourself!

The server code was released yesterday, it's still pretty buggy, but as soon as it's patched up and stable, I'll be asking epic to host a server (because they're awesome), and we'll see what masterpieces we can come up with! :D

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Hurm tempted to give it ago, but not sure if its just one of those fad games that will disappear before its even out!

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it is worth the money, been playing it multiplayer and have been building some rather awesome structures.

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Worth sorting this out for an epic.Thursday or is the code too unstable?

The code would be fine for the amount of time we'd be on it, but it's not really a game you can play for epic.Thursday, theres no real objective, and it's only properly fun if you have admin/server hacks, so you'd need to host it on a PC you had quick access too.

It might be worth trying it out and seeing, but I can't see it lasting more than 20minutes before most people get bored.

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