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Kustom Armagetron Game

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Friday night at 00:30 (well, Saturday morning that is) there will be some big game Armagetron fun.

You can grab the small and free installer ftp://ftp/public/Games/Armagetron%20Advanced/ to get this lightcycle game installed on your PC.

Initially we'll do a quick warmup with short tails, just to introduce this new play style. Controls are simple - left is z, right is x on your keyboard, and you just want to kill other cycles by making them crash into your tail.

In this mode, the brakes are inverted (v key) so you can get a small speed boost by hitting those.

Fortress mode turns into a game of base defence, splitting the players into two teams - each side wants to defend their own circle and attack the opponents circle. A base is collapsed / captured by getting outnumbering defending cycles in the base with attacking cycles. Note that it is good practise for players on the outside of the starting grid to move to the outside so that players in the middle are able to move.

Next, Capture the Flag - brakes are back to 'normal' and the bikes are slower, but rubber (or armour) is increased. To gain speed, 'grind' alongside your teammates light trail. Capture the small circle from your opponents and return to your base (large circle). Point can only be scored when your own flag is already at the base. As this game has longer rounds, teammates need to be respawned, so make sure someone in your team returns to your base to respawn teammates occasionally. If you are the last surviving player on your team, this will flash on the screen to remind you, although likely the shouts across the room of 'RESPAWN, RESPAWN' will also provide some clue.

Lastly, Sumo - where the objective is to win your circle by killing or pushing out the other 3 cycles. If you take over your circle, at that point you may leave to and attack other players, but don't leave the circle before then or you will die.

See you all on the game grid in a couple of hours ;)

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