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First time UEFI user

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I've just built a new pc with a Maximus Gene V mobo and a Corsair H80 cooler. A mate (Booti) has told me I need to disable something in the BIOS/UEFI to do with cpu monitoring otherwise I'll get constant alarms, but as he doesn't know the board, he can't be more specific. This is my first time working with UEFI so I'm a little lost.

Can anyone tell me what he's on about please?

Secondly, I have 2 sticks of DDR3 that's supposed to be 2000Mhz, but the UEFI reports only 1066Mhz? I'm guessing/hoping this is another setting I need to change?

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Guest Kardall

Both are unrelated.

UEFI is just a 'standard' that some company's are trying to get implemented. Disabling can remove some errors with un-adopted hardware in a machine. (edit: during POST)

As far as the Ram. There could be a few things. First one I would suggest, is making sure that your timings on the ram are supported by your motherboard. Check to see (with the manufacturers website) if they have a bios update to support your particular ram if it's special. Things like making sure that the voltages for your RAm timings (9-9-9-24) for example are supported by the current bios version.

Sometimes they support it, but the voltage might throw the motherboard for a loop, so to make it more "compatible" it auto-adjusts the clock down in some cases if it's set to "Auto Timing", just because it's not quite sure how fast it can put an unrecognized ram set. Setting it too high could cause massive instability issues, so most of the time, a manufacturer will have a BIOS flash update to support newer ram timings/types to avoid the down-clocking of the RAM installed.

I hope that helps or at least gives you a point of reference :)

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The memory setting can be found in the "Extreme Tweaker" tab.

Its called "Memory Frequency" and will be set to auto, just change it to the closest lower value to your memory speed.

It is also worth looking to see if you can turn the "Ai Overclocker Tuner" from [Auto] to [X.M.P.] first as this should read the ram speed off of the chips.

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The other setting you should be looking at is the CPU fan speed low limit, which you will find in the "Monitor" tab.

Just set that lower than the normal working speed of the Corsair H80 cooler.

Im not sure if you are running the fan or the pump on the cpu header so the value you need is dependant on that but you have options from 600rpm to Ignored.

But i would if posible have it read the pump and set it to alarm if it stops running.

See 3-34 of your manual.

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Guest Booti

Actually, as i told you the other night, you need to turn the CPU Q-Fan control to DISABLE so that it doesnt try to control the CPU fan header (that you are using to monitor the pump speed)

As Omegahunter said about the RAM, just set it to XMP, unless you are trying to overclock, and it will pick up all the RAM settings from the chips

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