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UT2K4 Fun Tournament first round results.

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The first match, on Grendelkeep, saw Vardy snatching the top place with 28 kills closely followed by a 3-way tie of Dae, Kayomani and Deltaphoenix on 26 kills. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to DJSuperchief, roXor, Booti and Gothic-Yoshi, who made a valiant attempt at staying in the tournament.

Up next was a match on Deck 17, a favourite of many, seeing Vardy take the top place with only 24 kills, with another 3-way tie this time comprised of _Jay_, Dae, qbnut and Kayomani. A defiant Rizzo saw off the elimination round with a last-ditch Ultrakill, gaining him 4th place. Unfortunately this round we had to say goodbye to Dethlord, UKTamo, big_jenks and Antrobus.

The final match of this set saw an amazing result on Goliath, with _Jay_ taking first place with 29 kills, and Vardy taking a close second with 28 kills! Unfortunately this round, we had to say goodbye to Bancast, Rizzo, Omegahunter and crazyaim.

Don't forget, the finals are at 11am on Sunday, and are sure to be a close fight between the remaining players!

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