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F1 2013 Sweepstake

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Well nearly all of the teams have sorted their lives out and announced their driver lineups (except you Force India...), so it's time for the 2013 F1 Sweepstake.

As always, we'll fill from the top teams downwards based on the 2012 constructors' finishing order.

Prizes to be paid out for:
£100 - 1st Place Vettel (Hg)
£50 - 2nd Place Alonso (KamiKaze)

£20 - 3rd Place Webber (Squirrel)

And of course some random prizes so those with poor drivers have the chance of winning something:
£6.66 - Most DNFs by the end of the season (Vergne - Omegahunter)
£6.66 - First to directly cause a Safety Car to be deployed (Massa - Markb)
£6.66 - First driver replaced during the season (Raikkonen - Booti)
£- - First to directly cause a team-mate to crash (Not Claimed - Prizes Redestributed)

Once again it will be £10 to enter.

All winnings to be paid out after the final GP of the season, ALL money entered gets paid back out to the winners. The more that enter, the bigger the prizes.

Good luck and have fun!

Paid Entrants
1. Winbar - Di Resta
2. ddanblack - Button
3. Ozoro - Hamilton
4. Haden - Rosberg
5. Murray-Mint - Perez
6. Omegahunter - Vergne
7. Markb - Massa
8. Elsie - Grosjean
9 Adunas - Ricciardo

10. Booti - Raikkonen
11. MRated - Bottas
12. Saboo - Maldonado
13. Yeggstry - Pic
14. Hg - Vettel
15. KamiKaze - Alonso
16. Inferno - Guttierez
17. Squirrel - Webber
18. Dunceantix - Hulkenberg
19. Hodg - Sutil

You can enter at epic.TEN at the shop or by sending the payment via PayPal to payments@epiclan.co.uk

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I dont like F1 but like to gamble, IN!

Just let me know if it get moneys.

Edited by Ozoro

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Bump! If you didn't pay at LAN, then fire a Paypal payment over before the season starts and we'll get the names drawn.


Let's give a deadline of 10th March

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