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LOL: Promethium Gaming B Vs FDB

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A messy team fight erupts all around the outer turret of FDB, but PGB dive a little too deep and lose 3 members in exchange for only killing vayne. After some back and forth action across the map, FBD initiate a desperate scrappy fight, but the multiple threat team of PGB is just too much damage to handle resulting in an Ace, leading into a fallen inhibitor.
A fight in the midlane starts badly for FDB, with PGB separating Vayne from the rest of her team, instantly deleting her. FDB attempt to retreat but a pursuing Riven picks up a Quadra Kill, allowing them to take a nexus turret and a baron.
Under the cover of a 4 vs 5 in the bottom lane, Kha’Zix attempts a sneaky back door, but FDB respond in time to stop him after he takes the remaining nexus turret.
Unfortunately Promethium Gaming Team B are just too far ahead for FDB to handle, and with a final big team fight from PGB they take out the exposes nexus for a hard fought win.

MVP - This has to go to Trashy Snorlax with an insanely good early game on Kha’zix, solo invading over and over to set back FBD right from the start of the game.

Promethium Gaming B Team

  • Pte - Warwick
  • Trashy Snorlax - Kha Zix
  • Marky - Riven
  • hi im Kray - Caitlyn
  • Owen - Sona


  • Killersheep88 - Renekton
  • Defac3d - Alistar
  • Skiddy Bear - Brand
  • R0ssatr0n - Vayne
  • Lord Kizrondy - Leona


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