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epic.FOURTEEN - Bar & Catering Feedback

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Breakfasts were consistently great -- bacon roll x1, full english x2, hot, tasty, with the exception of my brekkie on Sunday having slightly cooler beans, but that's no biggy.


Main meals i had a hotdog once which was tasty and the pasta.


Pasta was tasty, but cool. I think you need more heatlamps/better heaters for the next event as except for my breakfast most stuff was lukewarm.

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There really needs to be a discussion about handling the salad in its various states of availability. A bit of salad on a burger does not constitute a "side salad" size serving and I feel it is unreasonable to be priced as such. The obvious solution to me is for the burger to include salad and to ask atendees if they want salad when ordering a burger. Many may decline but it should be part of the item.


This one was raised with the venue team before and I have a copy of the briefing note to their staff which said "If salad is required in the burger roll, please do not charge for this", so that one should have been sorted. We can raise again for next time, but if we'd been made aware during the event, we could have spoken to the management (as we did about breakfast closing for Oz) and fixed it at the time.

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